Ember Armor in Tears of the Kingdom – Goronbi River Cave


Tears of the Kingdom’s Ember Armor provides players with an effective weapon against heat-heat attacks in hot environments. You’ll be able to find this armor throughout Goron City caves like YunoboCo HQ South Cave, Goronbi River Cave, and Cephla Lake Cave.

Head towards Goronbi River Cave southwest of Goron City for an adventure! Once inside, follow the river of lava until you find two floating platforms connected by Ultrahand that form a bridge across it to another area with Fire Like.


Goronbi River Cave’s entrance lies hidden behind a waterfall. You can either fly in from above or reach it by raft from the River of the Dead Waterfall Cave. As this area tends to be cold, bring some Cold Resistance buffing meals or Armor before entering.

Inside the cave is a Horriblin that must be eliminated before moving forward with your journey. Additionally, you’ll encounter a Zonai car without wheels that are missing; use Ultrahand to grab it and attach one using its unique technology. Once this task has been accomplished, continue forward using cooled lava platforms that appear along its right bank as you advance along it.

Continued advancement will eventually bring more lava rivers and platforms, along with another Fire Like on the other side of the river. As you progress further, you’ll encounter more astonishing lava platforms for creating bridges or moving around while trying to avoid hot magma as much as possible; Flamebreaker armor or Fireproof Elixir should help protect you from it. When reaching the end of this cave, a cutscene will unfold, awarding you Koltin’s particular fabric for your Paraglider.

Floating Platforms

Inside this cave lies an expanse of lava that may obstruct your path and bring Horriblins. Before entering, equip a Flame Breaker set or Fire Lizard Potion so as not to catch on fire and die of exposure.

Attack and defeat the Blue Horriblin at the entrance and proceed through the cave, noting that floating rock platforms float along a river of lava; use your Recall ability to recall one and cross it safely; you will encounter another Horriblin on the opposite bank of this river which must also be defeated before continuing through to reach further parts of this cave.

As soon as you step inside the next area of the cave, there is a platform with a breakable rock on it and a chest with a Ruby inside. Keep going until you come upon a river of lava with rock slabs floating above, where once again, the Ultrahand can help create bridges over magma rivers by recalling rock platforms to fuse using Ultrahand to form bridges over magma rivers. Keep going down until you come upon another river of lava with more floating rock platforms; be wary as Cave Worms may appear again – once again, use Ultrahand to fuse rock platforms with Ultrahand to form bridges over magma rivers! As soon as that occurs, you will reach another river with more floating rock platforms that need eliminating before continuing down through another cave system until finally reaching another river of lava with more floating rock platforms for use to form bridges over magma rivers!

Blue Horriblins

Goronbi River Cave lies southwest of Goron City and contains a Bubbulfrog as well as several enemies such as Blue Horriblins and Fire Like. Since it includes magma, Flamebreaker armor or Fireproof Elixir should be worn when entering.

Once inside, you will come upon a lava river with stone platforms floating through it. Either wait for one of these platforms to come towards you or use Recall to move it around. When you reach the other side, there will be a Fire Like and chest with Rubys hidden.

You can collect rare materials like Flint, Bomb Flower, Sapphire, Rock Salt, and Diamonds from enemies in this cave. Mining Ores will also help kickstart Misko’s Treasure of Awakening I (Quest). This cave makes an excellent early-game resource to farm for rare materials – there are not too many enemies (besides one Keese) and lots of loot to collect! Additionally, Blupees often appear near Cave entrances, providing an opportunity to kill them and obtain Bubbul Gems, as Bubbul Gems are sometimes dropped here too!

Fire Like

Yunobo has taken to acting strangely, telling you he needs someone returned. To follow him north to Goron City, he sends out a smoke signal for you to find.

Once at the trailhead, head north. Soon enough, you will come upon a stone platform sailing in the lava. Hop onto it using Recall before jumping off at its end when it reaches its conclusion; this will lead to a short lavafall with an attached Fire Like. Defeat it and stand on the lava platform beyond the waterfall to continue into the cave.

This area features many rocks blocking your path that can only be broken using Yunobo’s charge ability. Keep this in mind while exploring, as he can curl into a ball and die any sizeable red rock you aim him at; doing this also makes fighting Horriblins and Fire Like much simpler.

Ember Shirt

Unleash an attack against the dragon monster at the entrance and use a rock slab to cross the lava stream ahead. When you reach an area with tunnels above a piece of stone, interact with it and enter to activate Misko’s Treasure of Awakening I and unlock an Ember Shirt, which provides +2 defense while adding fire effects when attacking in high-temperature environments.

Next, it is necessary to enter the YunoboCo HQ South Cave located at coordinates (1714, 2697, 0399) north of Goron City and west of Death Mountain. Darunia Lake can also be found nearby, while in terms of horizontal placement, it lies between Golow River and some mine cart tracks located within its borders.

Inside this cave, you’ll discover several chests containing one rupee when opened before eventually encountering two Horriblins, who you must defeat using your Recall ability and bow attacks from a distance. After their defeat, you will notice a temple-like structure to your right.