Encuentras – Fuel for the Moose


Every year we have to make and buy hay: the essential stored forage for the horse. What is the perfect way to find the Wilson Hay Farms?

A new horse is a herbivore in addition to lives primarily on crops. The lower gut, cecum, and colon, represent the horse’s main digestive capacity. This kind of part of the gut typically has a huge quantity of microbial. Using help, fibrous feeds are usually digested and made available for ingestion.

Horses that have got encuentras as a central part of the portion will suffer less from digestive: problems, colic and corruption, like cribbing or actual wood chewing.

For a proper digestive system operation, horses demand at least 1% of their body mass per day in the long-stem dried matter. It doesn’t matter in which web form this will be fed; only the particular particle size should be previously mentioned 1 inch/ 2 . a few cm. Suppose it is more minor intestinal problems and vices can look.

You need to locate good quality hay locally for a reasonable price if you buy hay.
Usually, you can find suitable suppliers around today. It has become a niche market for farmers; some even specialize in crecen harvesting. They have the job areas and meadows, the proper devices and the know-how.

How must good quality hay look: or smell – just like?

Forage Quality

Horse in performance depends on nutritional benefit and consumption of forage. A range of components determines encuentras quality:

  • colour
  • grass species, in addition to a variety
  • leafiness
  • maturity on time of harvest
  • farm and storage conditions
  • the reputation of weeds, pests in addition to foreign bodies.


Environment-friendly hay contains more vitamin supplements, A precursor, and beta-carotin. Whether it is yellowish – light brown leafy, it was exposed to sunlight in addition to rain after harvest. However, colour is not a reliable level of quality factor, as alfalfa is usually brown and weeds shiny green.

Species and Wide variety

Grass hay includes brome grass, orchard grass, timothy and redtop.

Legumes usually are alfalfa, red clover and quite often bird foot trefoil. Many people contain more protein in addition to calcium than grasses. Energy is approximately the same.


Leaves contain highly comestible sugars, starches and more healthy proteins than stems. Therefore, hay comprising more leaves is considerably better in quality. At a moisture level of around 20%, a smaller amount of leaves are shattered in addition to falling off than in dryer encuentras. If hay is wetter than 20%, leaves turn mouldy.


The number of seed product heads of grasses along with the number of flowers of beans at the time of harvest determines the level of plant maturity. Forage previous to bloom will not show seed product heads or flowers. In the event maturing further on, elementary protein decreases, lignin, cellulose and hemi cellulose raise. Cellulose can be digested moderately with gut microbial help, although lignin is does not. Forage digestibility decreases by 3 -4% if lignin increases using 1%.


After the farm, the grass is still “breathing”. This specific respiration process needs all kinds of sugar and starches. Rainfall will cause the loss of essential nutrients. Losing leaves due to physical elements during the harvesting process diminishes digestible dry matter further. This loss can be retained minimal with modern harvesting methods that shorten healing time, e. g. bodily and chemical preservative strategies. Acetic acid and propionic acid solution are such preservatives. Alfalfa hay treated with preservatives may be baled at a humidity amount of 35%. Horses can process such treated hay efficiently.
Hay should not be baled while humidity is more significant than something like 20 % and if an additive is not used. Bales may heat up inside, and crecen loses quality soon: form and dust occur or spontaneous ignition can be caused in the worst scenario.

Presence of Weeds, Pests or International Bodies

Hay quality may be significantly reduced when harmful weeds are present in a particular quantity. Ragwort is the reason behind severe liver damage inside horses and other farm animals. Several weeds can be digested easily by horses.

Insects could cause health problems: Blister beetles have a toxin called cantharidin. This specific toxin severely irritates the particular mucous membranes of the intestinal and urinary tract. Often the beetle occurs in very dried-up conditions and after grasshopper contagion. The mower-conditioner crushes people’s beetles and retains these individuals in the windrow so that they are located in the end still present in encuentras. Scrutinize hay, particularly if you know it is from a dried-up area. Check also for any presence of foreign figures, like metal parts (nails, wire,… ) or inactive small furries, cats,…

Be sure that it does not smell musty showing that mould could transform. In addition, dust and mould could potentially cause respiratory problems in horses.

Examen can be provided and held in different forms:

Round balls

Round bales can save time and can be used where many horses are kept along. However, they can weigh up to over a bunch, so storing and handling systems are required for transporting these individuals. It is essential to buy them dry and well broadcasted when stored. This can be inside or covered with plastic-type on palettes or in gravel. When fed to be able to horses, a feeder regulates unnecessary waste.

Square dancings

Small, conventional bales are commonly used. They weigh close to 30 -35 kg and will easily be handled and stored. Bales should be located under a cover to keep heating generation and weather deterioration to a minimum.

Chopped encuentras

Hay cut to fecal material 2 . 5 cm is needed in a feed where almonds and such forage are put together. Even if the horse’s healthy requirements change, feedstuff hasn’t got to be altered; just invested a different amount of either encuentras or grain into it. Such a forage is prto one being easily dusty. To avoid that, vegetable oil or molasses is usually mixed into it.

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