Everlane Jeans – Everything You Want To Know About The Amazing Everlane Jeans

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Today I will review something interesting, which is the Everlane Jeans, they are amazing with lots and lots of good reviews on the quality and the average price, let’s get right into our review…

Let’s start with this interesting review:

Back when Everlane was selling denim, I went a bit nuts and bought a bunch of jeans to try. The thing is, as famous as Everlane is here at The Mom Edit, I’ve only tried their jeans once before.

Then our whole squad tried their High-Rise Skinny Button-Fly jean and I fell in love with him. So much so that the second Everlane jeans went on sale, I jumped at the opportunity to do a little more.

I narrowed it down to only four pairs to keep, and I decided to share my reflections.

My biggest lesson from this huge try-on = the size of Everlane, for me, certainly varies by theme. I typically have a size of 28 or 29, but that can fluctuate based on brand, type, cloth, etc. Until buying, read the reviews—I found them super-helpful to find the correct size.

So, in the spirit of stopping the dreaded return package phase right now, I’m hoping I can give you guys a bit more insight into how the size was for me…

That was a good one, let’s discuss more the styles and the abilities of these Everlane Jeans.

Cheeky Straight Fit 

There’s something called the cheeky straight fit, this style is form-fitting through the seat-think of a “wedgie” type fit, and it’s got a straight leg all the way down through the calf.

I like to describe these jeans as “gateway jeans for people looking to break out of slim jeans, but anything else seems too chic.”

As we all know, there are cheeky jeans from the ’90s, they’re close, but certainly, a classic 80’s “Mom jeans” fit – both are straight, but the 90’s fit is more casual. The “Cheeky Straight” has a little bit of stretch, while the Cheeky 90s has no stretch.

Stretching Of the Everlane Jeans

These Everlane Jeans have a bit of stretch (98 percent cotton, 2 percent elastane), but I wouldn’t call them “stretchy.” They’re not packing out, so they’re going to adjust to fit you, so they’re going to start even tighter in the ass and then adjust to fit you appropriately.

Let’s see the sizing…

Ankle, Regular, Tall. (One of the few styles to come in high!) Sizes 23 to 33.


Usually, I’m always the size of 25, and that’s what I’ve ordered here. At first, they’re going to feel close, but then they’re going to stretch to adapt (without getting baggy).

I don’t expect these guys to be super tight, because that’s the fit I was looking for, so if you wanted them to be tight (and/or you’re in between sizes) you should choose a smaller one!

White Everlane Jeans Pairs

The white pairs seem a bit more substantial, heavier, more streamlined content (my theory is that it’s because they’re white, so they don’t have a show-through that I appreciate!) I don’t think they have as much to offer as the blue denim.

I just like this white pair in particular because I think white jeans seem to be easier to style than blue jeans, and with this cut (I.E. not too close, straight leg) they can also be even better suited for dressier occasions, like wearing them on a summer Friday to work, a church with grandma, etc, while still on-trend and fashion-forward.

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Are Everlane Jeans Comfortable?

They’re very comfortable and simple to wear, and I love that they don’t look like skinny jeans on me (which a lot of straight-legged pants tend to do). FIT: Designed to run wide for a looser, friend-style fit. PERFORMANCE: Organized, but still extended. The full-size bags.

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