Few Tips Not to Miss While Looking for a PG in Bellandur


When shifting to another city, people’s first concern is finding accommodation. Perhaps a friend or relative who lives in that city can point you toward an apartment or PG that fits your needs.

However, it is no less than a migrant dream to search for a PG in Bellandur in the suburbs of Bangalore. PGs in Bellandur without a broker offer the following advantages compared to other renting and accommodation.

Benefits of PG vs Renting a House

Depending upon whether you are planning to shift alone or with your whole family, your decisions may vary to go for a PG or look for flat for rent in Bellandur. However, when evaluated from a broader perspective, the benefits of PG and renting a flat differ based on specific aspects:

  1. Rent Factor: As far as PGs are concerned, the rent amount is generally low in addition to several amenities. Professionals and students alike prefer living in PGs over individual apartments or houses. While on the other hand, to rent houses in Bangalore, you need to spend more in terms of cost.
  2. Higher Security: It is generally considered safe when living in the suburbs for PG than living in flats in Bellandur for rent, especially if you are a student. This will give you a more secure environment than renting a flat and put your security at high risk.
  3. Facilities are readily available: If you go for a PG, you will be provided with specific facilities, such as a refrigerator, cupboards, or purified water. In contrast, if you rent a flat, you will be responsible for providing all necessary furnishings and utilities.
  4. Maintenance Costs: Many PG accommodations have staff members responsible for various repairs and maintenance tasks. You won’t have to worry about clogged drains or split pipes. While, if you choose to go with Bellandur flats for rent, you need to take care of such things all by yourself.

Ways to Find Accommodation in Bellandur

When finding accommodation in Bellandur, it is usually better to choose a trustworthy source. When moving to a new place, our friends, family, or acquaintances are frequently the first people we look up to. However, as things have evolved, you may now be able to find online resources that can support your search for a PG. You can simply visit the Nestaway website and follow the given steps to find PG effortlessly:

  • Enter the website www.nestaway.com.
  • Fill in the location you wish to live. For instance, you can enter Bellandur.
  • Use the filters based on your budget, room count, and whether you’re a boy/girl/family. For example, you are looking for a pg in Bellandur for ladies.
  • You will have a complete list to compare and contrast numerous options and give a visit accordingly.

List of PG Options in Bellandur

Many options are available if you’re searching for a PG in Bellandur. Generally, it is recommended that you choose the one closest to your workplace, institution, etc. You can quickly go through the available list and select the one that fits you best. The following is the list is verified PGs available near Belladur, which are:

  • Clive Minnepolis
  • Bochum House
  • Rimini House
  • Colive Glory
  • Colive Salisbury
  • Ishthara tranquil homes
  • Colive queens castle
  • Colive Alpha
  • Colive Gracefield

Localities near Bellandur for Rent

With the help of online websites such as Nestaway, you can adjust your preference depending on whether you are looking for a ladies PG in Bellandur or PG for boys and carry your house hunt at the places offering the accommodations.

Many famous local properties include HSR Layout, AECS Layout, Marathahalli, Mahadevapura, New thippasandra, Vimanapura, and Whitefield.

Furthermore, you can also choose the locality according to your convenience and search for PGs in that area. For instance, searching for available PG near ecospace Bellandur could show you numerous apartments near the HAL airport area.

Know Your Locality- Bellandur

Being at the Outer Ring Road intersection and Sarjapur Road, Bellandur is a significant destination for residential and commercial purposes. Many techies work in nearby hubs, which make up the consumer profile of Bellandur major. Bellandur is home to leading companies like KPMG, Intel and many more.

It is easy to get to the outer ring road, where many IT companies are. It is only within 3 km of Bellandur that you will find several good hospitals and educational institutions. Bangalore Central or Koramangala forum mall is 30 km away from Bellandur.

Bellandur’s nearest railway station is Belinda Road and Karmelaram, around six km away. Additionally, the post office is located at a distance of 3km from the Bellandur flyover. The nearest police station is located at Sarjapur Road in the area of Marathahalli.

New Landmarks in Bellandur

Bellandur is undergoing continued development with numerous ongoing projects. The ORR metro line connecting KR Puram with Central Silkboard, which is 18.36 km elevated, is expected to be completed by 2023.

In addition, a small urban park is also created by the Bengaluru environment trust by converting 18 acres of land into an urban forest. The Citizens’ Water Way Project is also being developed to transform the landscape of the 12-km-long stormwater drains in Bengaluru to Bellandur Lake.


When looking for a PG near Bellandur, determine the budget you are willing to spend over the rent costs depending on whether you will live alone or share the rent with your other roommates.

Get familiar with the PG’s guest policy to know all the requirements on arrival. Complete all paperwork on time with all the required documents. Make sure you complete your checklists. By keeping in mind all these things, you can easily find the PG of your requirement.

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