Firefox Lite is a best and Highly Secured Web Browser

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Browsing the internet without a web browser is impossible. With high advancement in technologies, the introduction of Firefox Lite has proved to be a boon. It is a highly powerful and intuitive web browser that has contributed to making searching easier and faster. Also, it facilitates easy customization of your home screen as per your preferable themes.


With a size is at most 7MB along with Turbo Mode for speeding up, this newly introduced web browser will fetch you a blazing and sturdy experience online. For quick access to your preferred sites, you may pin them through a few tapping.


Firefox Lite is developed by Mozilla


Developed by Mozilla, Firefox Lite is a web browser that is meant especially for the Android operating system. Previously, it existed in the name of Firefox Rocket exclusively in Indonesia. Fortunately, it is available in almost all regions.


Some of the highlighting features of Firefox Lite include the following:


  • Ensures delivering intelligent results – Firefox Lite is known for delivering highly intelligent results in comparison to the normal searching experience. You will be able to come across the desired content quickly by visiting the search history along with tabs and bookmarks.


  • Private browsing made fast – You can now easily carry on with your web surfing without undergoing any trace. Neither any history nor the password will be recorded at the time of surfing the web in the private browsing mode.


  • Easy saving on the cost of data and cash – While browsing at Firefox Lite, you will be able to activate the image blocking feature. It will help a lot by saving on the high cost of data.


  • Capturing the screenshot of the entire page is easy – If you come across interesting stuff and planning to read it offline, then you will be able to capture a screenshot. Once done, the website URL will get saved automatically which will help in quick browsing of the page again.


  • Comparison across multiple websites made easy – Earlier, comparing content from one web browser to another was not possible. With Firefox Lite, it has become a small piece of cake. The feature of Smart Shopping Search will let you compare products across multiple shopping sites in a single chance.


  • Easy enabling of night mode – During the night time, you must have the screen comprising a comfortable mode. With Firefox Lite, you will be able to browse the web comfortably without pressurizing the eyes. Along with providing health benefits, it will help in saving battery life as well.


  • Easy clearing of cache – The cache memory acquires a maximum space in the phone. If it carries out for a long time, then the performance of the phone may deteriorate. To prevent such occurrences, Firefox Lite is inclusive of a special feature. It will let you clear the cache from the menu directly to free up the storage space.


In short, high speed along with compatibility and security makes this web browser highly popular today. You may come across these features in some web browsers, but at Firefox Lite all are included under the same umbrella.


What Features are absent in Firefox Lite?


Along with some highly remarkable and exclusive advantages, some features that are unavailable in Firefox Lite include:


  • Auto-completion of webpage
  • Pulling to refreshing gesture
  • Auto-hiding of the navigation menu


Despite some missing features, the browsing experience with this browser will be enjoyable.


Q.1. Is the Pull-to-refresh feature supported by Firefox Lite?

Ans. – No, the pull-to-refresh feature is not supported by the web browser. The ability cannot be overemphasized at any cost.

Q.2. How to come across the refresh button?

Ans. -You are supposed to enter the options menu to come across the refresh button. It is expected that this feature will be implemented on Firefox Lite soon.

Q.3. What is the current version of Firefox Lite we are using?

Ans. – 2.5.1is the current version of Firefox Lite.

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