Fjallraven Keb Trouser Review


The Fjallraven Keb Trouser is a technical pant that can be easily converted to shorts. Its DWR is adjustable and made of a hybrid G1000 material. It has an adjustable cuff and lace hooks for boot lines. Moreover, it has a bungee fastener at the upper calf.

Adjustable cuff

The adjustable cuff on Fjallraven’s Keb Trousers keeps the trousers’ cuffs secure without sacrificing their stretchability. Moreover, the pants’ elastic waistband ensures a secure fit. The two-way zipper and zip-fly ensure that you can easily adjust the pants’ cuff to suit your needs.

The Keb trousers are made of quality fabric and have multiple useful features. These include the thigh pockets that are perfect for carrying maps. They are also equipped with reinforced cuffs with hooks and pop-studs. The pants also have simple belt loops that are comfortable. They also have an inner thigh seam that is relocated to reduce chafing.

The Keb Jacket was updated with new features to improve its fit and comfort. The sleeve construction has been revised to eliminate excess material around the biceps and create a more athletic fit. In addition, the Keb Jacket has an adjustable cuff. The waist is also adjustable with drawstrings. Moreover, the Keb Jacket has large pockets and a small loop for attaching a GPS. The hood has also been improved with new adjustment cords on the outside.


The Fjallraven Keb Trouser is a formidable pair of trousers. Its hybrid construction ensures durability and ease of motion, and its waxed recycled polyester/organic cotton fabric is highly water-resistant and breathable. With these features, the Keb is a good choice for technical mountain days.

This pair of trousers is made from G-1000 (r) Eco fabric, a waxed fabric. They also feature three press studs on the leg and an ankle-level fastener. You can also adjust the angle of the leg by tying a lace loop. The G-1000 Eco fabric is perfect for traversing low, damp undergrowth and snowy environments.

The Fjallraven Keb Trouser is an ultra-durable technical pant made from G-1000 Eco fabric. The pants are also lightweight and comfortable and are made for an adventurer. The Keb Trouser has a G-1000(r) Eco lining, which offers excellent water and wind resistance. These pants also have plenty of room and pockets for your hands and knees.


Breathable Fjallraven’s Keb Trousers offer excellent breathability, durability, and protection against the elements. These versatile pants feature stretch panels to provide a full range of motion, a breathable G-1000 Eco fabric, and zippered thigh and leg openings for optimal airflow. They also have large thigh pockets to keep your essentials secure. They also have adjustable leg openings to keep out dirt and debris.

These breathable Fjallraven Keb Trousers are also lightweight and durable. In addition, they’ve made adjustments easy, with a new stretch paneling for better fit and performance. They also have a covered seating area for quick adjustments.


Fjallraven Keb Trouser technical review: If you’re looking for a formidable pair of hiking trousers, these are the pants to go for. The Keb Trousers are made of G-1000 Eco fabric, which is tough and stretchy, and they have good water and wind resistance. They also have an excellent fit and plenty of space for movement. And they’re also available in an extended version, so you can stay warm without worrying about compromising on comfort.

These hiking pants are waterproofed with Greenland Wax, an eco-friendly blend of paraffin wax and beeswax. Fjallraven trousers can be machine-washed if you’re worried about getting the Wax out of the material. But don’t worry: the Wax is removable and easy to remove if you want more airflow.


The Fjallraven Keb Trouser is a popular hiking pant that is both functional and durable. This pair of pants is constructed from highly durable, G-1000 polyester cotton and stretch panels for increased comfort and freedom of movement. Its tight fit and durable materials make it one of the best pants on the market. They also offer excellent protection and outdoor performance.

The Fjallraven Keb Trouser is well-made, designed, and ideal for any outdoor activity. The weight of the trousers is perfect for spring and fall weather, and they are an excellent choice for those who like to spend time in the great outdoors.

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