Flower Preservation Near Me in NYC


Flower Girl NYC is a full-service floristry studio known for its whimsical yet ethereal designs. Offering single and multi-variety dried floral bunches and bouquets with options available to meet every budget, prices begin at approximately $50 for preserved pampas bunches composed in mason jars or stylish vases.


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Ode a la Rose

Ode a la Rose is an exceptional flower shop offering various bouquets. Their flowers are superior quality, packaged beautifully in unique boxes, and delivered across the United States.

This flower delivery service offers something perfect, Whatever occasion – an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just showing someone how much you care. Take, for instance, their Violette bunch featuring fragrant peonies and eucalyptus, ideal for graduations and Mother’s Day events, and six macarons as an added treat!

Louis Brunet and Olivier Plusquellec started this New York City flower company together. They left banking careers behind to introduce French flower-arranging culture to America; today, they operate three locations called “ateliers.”


If you’re searching for a long-lasting bouquet, this local business specializing in preserved roses may have just what you want. It may be the solution to your floral woes with designs inspired by Parisian hat boxes, Mother’s Day and anniversary options, and subscription plans offering 30 percent discounts off regular prices.

This chic farm-to-door flower delivery service takes out the middleman by providing gorgeous arrangements from actual greenhouses directly to you. Additionally, their site lets users preview the bouquet they select before it ships, so you can easily choose your perfect arrangement even if you live far from one. Plus, their blooms are pet-safe – an added perk if you own cats and dogs!

From You Flowers

From You, Flowers is a flower delivery company that collaborates with local florists to offer same-day nationwide deliveries of bouquets of roses, tulips, daisies, and orchids – as well as houseplants such as philodendrons and peace lilies – in fragrances. Customers can also add extras such as teddy bears, chocolates, and balloons to customize their baskets further.

J.Starr NYC of NYC specializes in preserving wedding flowers with their team of talented artists who can transform your flowers into one-of-a-kind pieces of art, whether that means pressing them or crafting resin Floral Blocks to reflect your preferences and incorporate your ideas and visions for creating timeless masterpieces to cherish always – making J. Starr NYC is an excellent way to keep memories from your special wedding day alive forever!


Fox and Fodder, Farm of New York City, is known for producing exquisite floral arrangements reminiscent of Old Master paintings, adding a vibrant energy to any setting in which they’re placed.

Sprout Home Flower Studio of Brooklyn provides beautiful designs for weddings, birthdays, and other personal events – and also excels at preserving blooms and creating floral sculptures.

LaManna had her “aha moment” while reading Borrowing Brilliance: The Six Steps to Business Innovation by Harnessing Others’ Ideas. Inspired by this book, LaManna decided to open several “stores within stores” rather than try competing directly against supermarket chains, eventually creating multiple “flower areas” at various New York and Connecticut stores.

Flower Girl NYC

Homecoming Flower and Coffee Shop in Williamsburg is a well-known flower and coffee shop known for its exquisite blooming branches, terrariums, pottery, and beautiful pottery pieces. Although open to the public, it would be wise to avoid visiting on days when events take place to maximize your shopping experience.

Urban Backyard in Soho offers another charming plant and flower cafe, providing a relaxing space perfect for working or studying. They also serve Instagram-worthy rose latte and lavender latte!

Flower Girl NYC can provide your special event with breathtaking arrangements and backdrops, perfect for every special occasion. It is owned and run by Denise Porcaro – who has over ten years of experience as a production designer for film.


A bunch is an approximate grouping of items, like friends or flowers. It can also refer to an informal gathering, such as a lunch bunch. Additionally, this term has several synonyms, such as cluster or clump.

LES flower shop La Boulangerie de Paris is known for their European-influenced natural floral designs and has one of the largest selections of preserved pampas, dried grasses, double wheat bunches, and wreaths/garlands crafted by master florists. Prices typically start around $65 for a classic bouquet of dried pampas in a glass vase; delivery service across NYC is also available. They offer monthly floral design classes designed to educate novices and experts from their city!