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Consumers are now, a lot more than ever before, ready and willing to pay for online content. Get the Best information about 정보이용료현금화 추천.

Some startling information:

1) Over 17 thousand music tracks have already been acquired and downloaded on Apple’s iTunes music service, despite KaZaA and other file sharing services.

2) In 2004, over 58% of web admins in the UK charged regarding online content, with that variety predicted to grow to over 65% by the end of 2005.

3) Consumer spending in the United. S. alone, for on the net content, reached $1. main Billion in 2004, according to the On the net Publishers Association, This determines showed a solid 18% growth over the previous year. In addition, many categories showed truly astonishing growth.

The number one paid on the net content category in total dollars volume was the Online Dating suggestions Personals category. This category exhibited a respectable 14+% growth. Nevertheless, the Entertainment / Ways of life category showed a tremendous increase from 2003, going in second place among all different types.

4) Sports websites have already been a staple of the Online for years. As could be estimated, this also holds forgiven online content, with the Athletics category experiencing a whopping 38% growth from 2003 to be able to 2004.

5) All this progress has occurred with lower than 12% of all U. T. internet users purchasing online articles. This indicates the tremendous chance of continued growth of paid online content.

Three significant determinants decide climate content can, or must, be monetized; it should be unique (there should be a USP, or perhaps a unique selling proposition), memorable and usable. The more this article follows any or all of these three determinants, the greater it is the ability to be monetized.

One more factor that bodes appropriately for the continued explosive regarding paid online content will be the proliferation of Internet-enabled cellular phones, PDAs and phone and PDA combos. Currently, they have relatively slow connection rates, but as newer technologies and faster networks (such as 3G) take hold, this challenge will disappear.

Indeed, whole 2004, PayPal, an eBay branch, began investigating the enlargement of its mobile provider division by, among other things, young kids’ micro-payments.

The full scale obtained of PayPal, with through 70 million account holders, into your mobile payments market hastens the acceptance connected with paid online content into your mobile arena. By yr, According to analyst firm TowerGroup, the total market for Online and mobile micropayments inside U. S. is forecast to increase 23 per cent (at a compound annual growth rate) to $11. 5 various billion in revenues, right up from just over $2 tera- in 2003.

One type, business and financial announcement and reports have shown sound growth (over 14% 03 – 2004, according to the OPAss’n. ). However, there is the potential to demand much more for content in this particular category, as the information immediately impacts business decision-making and profitability.

Marketing and financial studies from significant research and financial firms are very lucrative, selling from $250. 00 to $1 500. 00. These tend to be extremely thorough, but more minor, more to the point reports sell well for fifty-dollar prices. 00 – $150. 00.

Now is the time for you to transition your website into paid online content. Market acceptance because it is experiencing solid progress that shows no indications of letting up. Paid articles are a fantastic addition to a present website or a solid foundation to get a new site.

You’ll see your current portion of that $1. 7 billion rolling in since subscription revenue month after month. Continuing revenue also makes your present far more valuable should you ever opt to sell it. Just find your current niche, find or create your content, and market your internet site.

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