Golondaaj movie review- The Best Football Biopic

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Golondaaj is the story of Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari, the father of Indian football. The Golondaaj movie review suggests the film is a story of his life and how he assembled a team of Indian footballers to compete against the British. The workers refused to bend to the common caste prejudice. This movie is all about confrontation with the colonial rulers who represented colonial India. This film will tell you how they take on the enormous Empire in all its enormity and force.

Golondaaj movie review

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StarStudded Cast- Golondaaj 

  • Dev Adhikari as Nagendra Prasad Saradhikari
  • Ishaa Saha as Kamalini
  • Anirban Bhattacharya as Bhargav
  • Indrasish Roy as Captain Jeetendra
  • Joydeep Mukherjee as Prasanna Kumar Sarbadhikari (Elder brother of Nagendra)
  • Srikanto Acharya as Surya Kumar Sarbadhikari

Golandaaj movie review- An Impressive Plot 

The film opens with the younger Nagendra having personal opinions and displaying a liking for football from a young age. Football was an English sport at that time. And, Indians were strongly forbidden from participating in it & setting foot on the field.

The plot revolves around Nagendra’s development into a young man with a heart beating for his country and his team out of a diverse crew capable of defeating the British. There have been numerous roadblocks in his path, including death threats, but he has refused to surrender. According to legends, he was the first person in India to kick a football, and he went on to design a string of golf equipment in Bengal to popularise the sport.

Golondaaj movie review

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The Protagonist of Golondaaj

The star of the movie is Dev, who pulls the tale together and delivers a delightful performance. He has grown, and his Bengali pronunciation, for which he had previously been chastised, has somewhat improved. The actor’s hallmark ‘Dev moments,’ such as the roar and the run, are not to be overlooked. The revolutionary Bhargav, played by Anirban Bhattacharya, is a captivating element to the story.

While the picture is unmistakably reminiscent of ‘Lagaan,’ it retains its own identity its own unique story. It’s also worth mentioning the choreography, artwork path, and modification.

Golondaaj movie review

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Supporting Cast

Almost all the supporting actors, teammates, opponents, and even Ishaa Saha, who only appears for a few minutes and has a little conversation, are excellent. Ujan Chatterjee is deserving of the title “extraordinary.” Despite being late, Indrani’s Roy as Captain Jitendra exudes palpable arrogance.

Golondaaj movie review- Critical Opinions

The use of certain songs, like Vande Mataram, during a significant match, is certainly dubious. It’s completely unneeded. The person who introduced Anirban Bhatacharia to the crowd, Shiva Shambhu was amusing, and out of place. The actor’s performance, on the other hand, is quite good. He also narrates the film’s first segment. The storyline is a little longer than the visual presentation at first.

Not just Dev and Anirban, but the entire cast, particularly the football squad players, performed an outstanding job. The plot is simple as well but is full of needless music. The highlights of the article are well worth a look. The music from the Bikram Ghosh film is very outstanding. The main drawback appears to be the film’s duration, as it should be completed in much less time.


In which language was Golondaaj released?

Golondaaj is released in Bengali.

Who is the director of Golondaaj?

The movie Golondaaj is directed by Dhrubo Banerjee.

What is the name of the American actor working in the film Golondaaj?

The name of the American actor working in Golondaaj is Alexx O'Neil.

When will be Golondaaj released on OTT platforms?

Golondaaj has been released in cinemas on the special occasion of Durga Puja, but the OTT release of the movie is not confirmed yet.

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