Great ways to run faster

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Running is one of the best ways to lose weight and stay fit. It is also something anyone can do. But running faster – that is a real challenge. It takes a lot of training, focus and determination in order to succeed, but it is surely not impossible. There are many ways you can boost your speed and we have singled out the most effective ones. So if you want to start running faster, make sure you keep reading.

Mix Up Your Pace

Even though it may seem like it, running at your fastest speed will not be of much help when trying to boost your speed. Counterintuitive as it might sound, it is running slower that can help you run faster. Mixing will help you improve your overall fitness which will, in turn, boost your speed. Not only that, but mixing up different paces will have positive effects on your heart, lungs and muscles. All of this will eventually make you a better runner which makes diversifying the key to success.

Breathe Properly

Breathing is another important aspect of running. However, learning how to breathe properly can be a really tricky business. You need to use both your mouth and nose while inhaling and exhaling in order to get the most out of it. Breathing is important since it is necessary to get the maximum amount of oxygen to your muscles if you want to achieve a higher pace. Another thing you can try is practicing belly-breathing. That way, you will be able to get the air to your belly instead of filling up your chest with every breath you take.

Dress Adequately

This is one of those things that very few jogging enthusiasts pay attention to, but the fact is that the clothes you are wearing can have a major impact on your results. The same goes for your footwear and you cannot expect to reach your desired results if you are spending your time running in inadequate sneakers. On the contrary, you need comfortable shoes that will provide you with proper support and help you stay safe and protected while you are running. If you make a wrong move when picking your footwear, you will risk injuries and getting hurt while you are in the middle of your running routine. When it comes to your outfit, make sure you pick clothes that are made from natural materials and that fit your body perfectly. For women, going for those supportive leggings might be a great way to go, and what is even better is that these will not just make you faster, but will also boost your performance.

supportive leggings

Stay Fueled

Running on empty will never be of much help. It is important to stay properly fueled if you want to be able to improve your pace. First of all, you should aim to stay hydrated during the whole day. Always go for calorie-free liquids such as water and tea. You should also never run on an empty stomach. Make sure all of your pre-running meals are between 200 to 400 calories. A delicious smoothie is always a great option as well as some fruit and vegetable meals. You should also cut on sweets and other sugary treats. An energy bar is a much better option.

Do not Ignore Any Pain

Another mistake many people make when trying to improve their pace is ignoring pain. Running more will surely help you improve, but ignoring an injury can only have negative results and keep you off the track for ages. This also means you will cause some serious threats to your overall health and you will not be able to work on your speed for a long time. So if you feel even the slightest pain while running you should consult a professional. There is no need to lose time waiting in clinics as you can consult a doctor at Lybrate online and start working on healing potential injuries as soon as they appear.

Becoming faster does require some serious work. With a proper training regime, the right diet and a few other tricks you can surely improve your pace. You should, however, make sure you do not overdo it, as putting your body under too much stress will only make you more injury prone and slow down your progress.

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