Heavenly Solo Defender Chapter 1


Heavenly Solo Defender Chapter 1 provides a detailed introduction to its mythology. It makes clear that God, Satan, and their minions all exist alongside humanity which is both loved and hated by both sides – until now when God appears ready to change that outcome! The demons had always won, but now He plans on turning the tables!

1. Introduction

Heavenly Solo Defender begins by setting the scene and detailing its main story arcs in broad strokes. Conducted via demon-written prose, this chapter recounts both humanity’s metaphysical past (such as Hitler’s possession) as well as God’s Divine interventions, including the Flood, Jesus Christ, and Sentinels’ creation.

Players are introduced to the characters, enemies, and setting of the game in this chapter. You assume the role of a Sentinel: an ordinary human taken under one of God’s Archangels for training before receiving both great power and great responsibility as an apprentice Sentinel.

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2. The Demons

Jiang Xiao Ya has a nightly dream about an incomprehensible being with fiery red hair and unimaginable power: this man, named Hou Mu, claims he possesses the mystical resolver; however, in order to do so, he must first fight five dragon groups who seek to conquer the earth using five weapons called “scepters.” A violent battle ensues across time and space for supremacy!

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3. The Sentinels

An unexpected accident brings Zhang Chen back to high school years, only this time everything is different: spiritual awakening has taken hold across the planet; everyone trains martial arts and qi and cultivates their bodies to prepare against an alien invasion that’s coming soon; being on defense gives power, status and riches but to become the hero, he must first endure being battered to his core before becoming its savior.

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