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Moving is not easy and can be stressful, let alone moving with pets. Pets get uneasy and uncomfortable whenever there is unusual activity in the home, so you can imagine how stressed they can be when you introduce them to a new environment. The best thing you can do is make your pets feel at ease when moving by thorough planning. Here are some tips that can make the moving experience less stressful for your furry friends.

Check the regulations of moving your pet.

As you contact your moving company to enquire if they move pets, check the rules and regulations of moving pets in your state. Many states require that you carry your pet certificates while moving to show that it has undergone the proper inspections and vaccinations. Keeping in mind that such requirements may differ from one state to another, it is vital to research, especially if moving to a new state.

You can check with the City Clerk of your new town to learn about pet licensing rules, leashing rules, pet limits per household, and zoning laws that may prohibit specific pets in a certain neighborhood.

Prepare a pet kit

As you pack your stuff and other household items, ensure you prepare a pet kit for your pets. Remember that it may take you a few days to unpack, and you need pet tools to sustain your pets and make them comfortable for the entire time. Pack some pet toys, grooming tools, food, kitty litter, and other essential things your pet needs for a few days.

Ensure your pet has an ID tag

Before moving your pet, ensure it has an identity tag that will help you find it if it gets lost while moving. You can also use a microchip, pet leash, collar with a tag, pet carrier, or any other identification tag that you feel is best. Ensure you also have a photo of your pet to be on the safe side.

Identify your pet transportation method.

Do you want to move your pet yourself or want to hire a pet moving company? Many moving companies are allowed to move pets and have measures in place to ensure the safety of the pets during the move. If your pet requires special handling andcannot even move them yourself, you can consider a professional pet moving service. It is easier to move your pet in your vehicle in a carrier in the back seat. If you have a big pet, you may have to lay back the seats for the carrier to fit in the car.

Keep your pet away from the activities.

During the moving day, please keep your pet away from the moving activities to avoid stressing it. Check on it regularly, feed it and keep it comfortable. Ensuring that your pet maintains its routine amidst the moving activities helps a lot.

Don’t let it out until you arrive


Avoid letting your pet out during the move until you have arrived. You don’t want to lose it while on the move. Once you get to your new home, ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible as you give them time to adjust. Spend time with it and give it lots of attention to help it adapt to the new environment.

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