Hi Vis Rain Jackets- Manufacturing Materials, Importance, Essential Features

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Hi Vis rain jackets are very useful for the protection of electrical, industrial, construction and utility workers while they work in the field. This kind of apparel improves the visibility of the workers on the work site and it ensures workplace safety. In dark conditions, in close proximity to roads, and in places where workers can get blocked by trees, construction equipment, or traffic barriers, it becomes essential to use hi Vis clothing.

What Are The 3 Main Materials Used to Manufacture Hi Vis Rain Jackets?

These materials are essentially waterproof and of the following 3 types:

kind of visibility provided by Hi Vis Rain Jackets

Fluorescent And Colorful Material – These materials are made of special pigments which appear brighter than the normal colors. These pigments are responsible for reflecting ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun as bright and visible light. In low light conditions like cloudy weather, dawn or dusk you would be able to see more clearly and easily as these fluorescent colors make the most out of the sunrays. They highly contrast against most backgrounds whether it is artificial or natural.

Reflective Tapes and Strips – These materials reflect light to the point it comes from. Reflective strips and tapes are most effective in darkness as they help in contrasting in any daylight condition.

Combined Material – Most hi Vis rain jackets are made of combined materials that include fluorescent and colored vests alongside reflective strips. This makes the jacket both reflective and fluorescent.

kind of visibility provided by Hi Vis Rain Jackets

4 Reasons Why Hi- Vis Rain Jackets Are Critical For the Safety Of Workers At Fields?

Rain gears need much more than just waterproof material to work in natural calamities or heavy rains. Let us understand the importance better:

Heavy rains make field work much more dangerous, especially for construction and utility workers. Workers in these industries are already vulnerable to being hit by cars or sharp and heavy machinery by somebody else who is distracted while working. Additionally, the danger increases if there is an increase in precipitation. In this scenario, the usefulness of hi-visibility rain jackets is immense.

Hi visibility rain jackets are an absolute necessity for different outdoor workers. The kind of visibility provided by Hi Vis Rain Jackets, can act as one of the means of saving lives or avoiding unnecessary accidents in rainy conditions. The reflective tapes are very useful in making these jackets and their high-performance bright colors ensure that the workers stand out in the visual range of the drivers and machine operators.

kind of visibility provided by Hi Vis Rain Jackets

Insulation– It can be really cold while it rains, and this makes the feature of insulation necessary in hi Vis rain jackets. It can protect you if the temperature drops drastically or heavy rain starts. Insulated hi Vis rain jackets use synthetic insulation as its performance is superior in wet conditions.

Flame resistance– Now, if hi Vis rain jacket catches fire; its flame resistance feature would extinguish itself. Therefore, workers associated with electrical equipment maintenance or welding need this feature of rain jackets essentially to ensure safety.

Essential Features That You Should Look For In Hi Vis Rain Jacket

You might need pockets and pen slots that would facilitate your access to mobile phones or other tools for communication. This feature of pockets would increase the efficiency and better work experience for the workers.

While considering the functionality aspects, you must also consider the comfort factor of the jacket. The ventilation should be proper; the fabrics should be lightweight and highly flexible. The employees in your company would be rather very happy and accept the jackets gladly if they are comfortable enough to wear.

You must consider the durability factor of the jackets before buying. With passing time, the visibility is lost and the jacket becomes fades and ultimately provides much lesser protection. If hi Vis rain jacket becomes very dirty or faded or torn, you should immediately replace it as it would lose its functionality.

If you are going to buy hi Vis rain jacket always keep comfort and durability factors in mind. Hence, buy from a company that has a good reputation and provides great customer service.

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