Hippie Room Decor


Hippie Room Decor

Whether you’re looking for hippie room decor for your home or looking to decorate a room for a friend or family member, there’s an option for you. This type of room decor features items such as rattan furniture, a Tarot tapestry, and Wall hangings. In addition to being decorative, these items are also functional, practical, and budget-friendly.


In the 1970s, the hippie movement was significant on natural, earthy materials. You may have noticed the popularity of bohemian chairs and hanging planters. Those designs are still prevalent in the twenty-first century, but there are other ways to incorporate them into your decor. One way to do this is by using rattan. Rattan is a flexible wood that allows you to create many decorative items.

In addition to being a versatile material, rattan is perfect for bringing a natural element to your decor. It works well in almost any style, though it’s most popular in organic and earthy environments. Rattan should not be the main driving force of your design, but it can serve as a pop of texture to bring a room together. In addition, its light-colored finish makes it versatile enough to match other colors and materials.

Tarot tapestry

Tarot tapestry wall hangings are a great way to make your room look psychedelic and earthy. These unique wall hangings are made from premium cotton fabric and are crafted to perfection by artisans. They make perfect wall decor, room separators, or curtain panels. These wall hangings are a great way to connect with your higher self and the universe. They feature vintage tarot cards and can be placed anywhere in your home.


A hippie-inspired bedroom may include items such as an incense burner and a wall-mounted pink Himalayan salt lamp. Both are said to have health benefits, especially for stressed people. They are also functional and look great. A floor cushion, also known as a kilim pillow, is another valuable item. They are inexpensive and can be positioned anywhere in the room for a unique effect.

Wall hangings

Wall hangings for hippie rooms can be found in various shapes and colors. They are designed with inspirational messages in mind and are meant to spread good vibes. You can find hippy wall hangings in online stores specializing in Indian handicrafts. Many places like yoga markets, themed restaurants, and office reception areas use this decor. Skilled workers in India make these beautiful tapestries.

Macrame wall hangings come in a wide variety of styles and colors. You can find macrame hangings that feature beautiful intricate patterns made with soft cotton rope and a driftwood hanger. Macrame wall hangings also make lovely focal pieces for a room. These wall hangings also make incredible dorm room decorations.

Floor cushions

Floor cushions are a great way to add hippie-inspired accents to your home. These inexpensive pieces can transform a plain room into a hippie oasis. You can purchase hippie-inspired floor cushions to put on the floor or use as decorative pillows. You can even use these pieces to cover your beds!

Some floor pillows are perfect for sitting or relaxing, whether you’re sitting on a bench or enjoying a meditation session. These cushions are available in square and rectangular shapes and are tufted for excellent comfort. They also have a fabric handle, so you can easily carry them around.

Psychedelic art

If you love the hippie aesthetic, you may want to decorate your room with psychedelic art. You can incorporate psychedelic art into your room in many different ways, from wall hangings to hand-painted accent pieces. If you can’t find original pieces, you can try creating your own by combining various styles.

If you’re not familiar with the term “psychedelic,” it’s a term coined by British psychologist Humphry Osmond after experimenting with various drugs. Psychedelic art, which features a vintage look, usually emphasizes color, shape, and texture.

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