Honey Love Sculptwear Review: You Will Change Your Mind


Honey love sculptwear review – After searching for the right shapewear for months, I came across Honeylove and decided to give it a try after reading rave reviews.

Today I’ll be talking about my experience with this brand — what it is, if it’s worth the money, what other Honey love reviews have to say about it, size, and more. Let’s get this party started!

Before we deeply get into the honey love sculptural review, you should know that Honeylove is a revolutionary sculptural company created by women for women (founded by world-renown music producer Betsie Larkin).

Honeylove was developed after she tried a variety of shapewear for years with little success. They want to provide high-quality underwear that is comfortable, breathable, and movable.

Honeylove offers smooth, toning, thin, and pleasant products. Their goods are of high quality, with focused compression, posture support, and even boost bands to assist you in achieving the smoothest and sexiest shape imaginable.

Superpower Shorts

Sculptwear shorts are ultra-comfortable and use tailored compression to achieve a smooth form. They remain upright and assist your posture.

You may wear a result; they hem all day without realizing it. One of my favorite things about the Superpower Shorts is that I don’t have to tweak them during the day as I do with most other shapewear I’ve tried!

Superpower Thong

This high-waisted thong slims your tummy and waist while concealing any panty lines.

Look no further if you want that hourglass form without having to buy a significant item of shapewear.

Lift wear Tank

The majority of the Honeylove line focuses on making you feel gorgeous in your attire, however, I thought this fell short. Because it’s a relatively new item, I wouldn’t be shocked if it’s discontinued.

This might be an excellent option if you want to get rid of your underwire bras. I would say that I wish the tank dipped a little lower to reveal more cleavage — I also wish the top was tighter.

According to other reviews, it did not fit snugly around the stomach, which negates the device’s purpose.

General honey love sculptural reviews

The Sizes

The size fit perfectly, however, both things were quite constricting because I chose their smallest advised size.

It wasn’t that bad, and I grew used to it. It certainly enhanced the appearance of my physique! The fact that the pieces did not roll surprised me the most.

I’ve never found shapewear that doesn’t roll down slightly, yet I wore these both for hours and never felt a single roll.

I wore the thong with a dress I adore but seldom wear since it’s fragile and always shows panty lines, yet there were none!

A couple of Honeylove Shapewear reviews mentioned the boning becoming unpleasant after a few hours, but I didn’t notice this. I wore mine for about five hours tops, but I’ll try wearing it for a more extended period one of these days to see if it starts to happen.

The Price

I deducted a few stars in this area since the price is a little intimidating, but after experiencing the items, I certainly believe it’s worth it.

They were of superior quality than others I’d tried (including shapewear that cost $50+), and the general shaping and no roll effects were beautiful.


Honeylove is made in what country?

China’s Guangdong province The firm makes shapewear at a gold-certified responsible (WRAP) plant in China’s Guangdong province. Honey Love launched on Kickstarter in February and garnered $300,000 in pre-orders after setting a $30,000 target.

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