How Mi Offers the Best Value to Money Phone in India

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Back in 2014, Xiaomi created ripples in the Indian smartphone market by selling Redmi 1S phones in record numbers in seconds. Since then the company’s market share has expanded continuously. The result has been that Mi phones have become extremely popular. So, what made these phones so popular in a short time? Well, Mi phones under 10000, for example, offer more value for your money than other brands in this segment. The same is the case with the phones that fall in other price brackets. Also, the fact Xiaomi is willing to experiment with its phone with the sole objective of providing a unique experience to its customers. A case in the point is Mi’s 4GB RAM mobile phones that come with a variety of unique features that make them so popular with users in India.

Given below are some reasons how Mi offers the best value to its mobile customers in India:

  1. Affordability

Mi phones are affordable in general. Whatever your budget is, you are sure to find a Mi phone that falls in the expected price bracket. It is the affordability factor that makes these phones so attractive to Indian customers. When you look at Mi phones under 10000, you will realize how cheap they are as compared to the competitors in the market. Yet, these smartphones do not compromise on the overall quality or the specifications. To add to this, the Mi phones are available with discounts at regular intervals with different vendors.

  1. Variety

The sheer variety of Mi phones is sure to attract anyone towards them. Even a 4GB RAM mobile of Mi that falls under the price of Rs. 10000 is available to you in different colour combinations and features. It doesn’t matter if you are a casual user or a gamer, the variety you can expect with Mi will not disappoint you one bit. So, if you are looking for lots of options while shopping for a smartphone, make sure you check out the collection of Mi phones. We bet you will not look anywhere else!

  1. Camera Quality

The image quality of Mi phones under 10000 is appreciable with most of them allowing flash to work even in low light conditions. Considering lower price points, the quality of the camera on offer by the company is competitive and value for money. It is worth noting that there are camera-centric phones Mi offers to Indian customers in an affordable price range. So, if you are someone looking to capture a perfect portrait shot or a low-light selfie, Mi phones are just perfect.

  1. Additional Accessories

The best part about 4GB RAM mobile phones of Mi and other higher-end variants is that you can get the best out of them by using appropriate accessories. Xiaomi has done a wonderful job in making a variety of useful and interesting accessories available to Indian customers at different price points. The availability of these accessories means users can get the best value out of their devices.

  1. Service

What is the value of a mobile phone if you cannot repair it when the need arises? Thankfully, even Mi phones under 10000 can be repaired or services without you having to worry about anything. In India, Xiaomi has opened several dedicated service centres where you can have your phone repaired easily and quickly. With several such stores already up and running, users can continue using their phones with peace of mind knowing their device will be taken care of should it fail for some reason.

Whether you are buying a 4GB RAM mobile or a higher variant, you can always expect a value for money proposition from Xiaomi. So, the next time you are set for shopping for a mobile device, consider Mi. 

Buy a Mi phone and have peace of mind!

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