How Much to Rent a 360 Photo Booth


An immersive 360 photo booth is an engaging and inventive way to enhance any event’s guest experience, enabling attendees to create and share custom-branded content that will last beyond any event’s completion. Discover the best info about 360 photo booth rental Fort Lauderdale.

The cost of 360 photo booths varies significantly by location, largely dependent on supply and demand factors as well as any additional equipment or services purchased for it.


Renting a 360 photo booth may be costly, but it offers event attendees a genuinely unforgettable experience. Used at weddings, birthday parties, or corporate events alike – 360 photo booth rentals provide entertainment at weddings, birthdays, or corporate functions and are an effective way to stand out among competitors who only offer traditional photo booth services; moreover, they help businesses attract more customers!

Price ranges for 360 photo booth rentals can depend on a number of factors, including size and customization needs. Hourly rentals usually fall between $200-$500 for popular events, while there may also be delivery and setup charges to consider. It is wise to compare costs carefully before making your choice.

The price for 360 photo booths will depend on where they are set up; small areas under 200 square feet typically cost more, as there are fewer potential participants, and positioning is trickier. Some companies provide battery-powered models for outdoor events or locations without access to electricity, providing another convenient option for users.

Considerations should also include labor costs when estimating the price of a 360 photo booth, unlike regular photo booths, which are self-service. Three hundred sixty photo booths require an attendant, typically earning $17 an hour as their fee; this considerably increases overall costs. When calculating the overall costs of renting or purchasing one, it’s essential to factor in maintenance and travel expenses as well.

The purchase of a 360-degree photo booth can be an excellent investment for businesses that wish to offer memorable and enjoyable guest experiences. However, renting out photo booths for smaller parties and corporate events may make purchasing one prohibitively costly, whereas using them at high-end events or weddings will likely produce profits after only two 3-hour events have taken place.


An immersive photo booth can add an exciting and entertaining element to any event, creating long-lasting memories while increasing engagement. Furthermore, these booths can serve as powerful marketing tools that set your brand apart from its competition – however, sufficient space must be allocated for this type of booth.

An average 360 photo booth requires 10x10ft of space in order to accommodate guests and equipment, which may seem excessive, but the extra space ensures a seamless experience for your guests and you. Furthermore, any noise should be protected from being heard by the revolving camera, requiring reliable power sources with fast Wi-Fi connections for optimal operation.

If you’re planning to rent a 360 photo booth for your upcoming event, be sure to conduct extensive research. Start with asking friends and colleagues for referrals before reviewing past event portfolios from companies to gain an idea of their quality of work as well as the types of events they have experience with.

Online commerce provides the most straightforward method for finding reliable 360 booth rentals, offering inflatable and plastic-framed enclosures, steel-framed models with curtains, and even some featuring TV screens attached at their front to draw more people in.

Three hundred sixty photo booths have quickly become one of the most sought-after event features at weddings and sweet 16 parties, where couples typically spend $28,000. An added photo booth experience not only adds extra spark but engages younger guests while creating lasting keepsakes from your big day!

Costs associated with 360 photo booth rentals depend on factors such as event location and duration; typically, a 3-hour rental will run around $600. Features within the booth will also impact costs; for instance, a basic model with an enclosed environment will typically cost less than its premium counterpart featuring infinity LED coverage.

The purchase of a 360 photo booth can be seen as an investment that offers opportunities for unique event experiences and significant profits. However, it should be remembered that there will also be costs related to its acquisition, such as insurance premiums, maintenance, and storage space needs.


An immersive photo booth is an exciting way to enhance event guests’ experience and promote your brand by including logos, slogans, or other customized content in photos and videos. A 360 photo booth may increase reach among a specific target demographic and lead to viral marketing campaigns; however, purchasing one may be costly in terms of insurance, maintenance, and transport expenses.

Equipment selection for a booth is critical to its success. A sturdy base that can withstand the vibrations of a spinning booth will be required, as well as power source and backup batteries as safety measures. Furthermore, you will need a monitor that displays results as well as somewhere safe to store the equipment when not in use.

When selecting a company from which to buy a booth, check for referrals and an impressive portfolio of past events. Also, ensure they have an in-house technician capable of troubleshooting any problems during events; inquire about technical expertise as well as experience when setting up and operating booths.

Your booth size should also be carefully considered; ensure it will comfortably accommodate attendees while providing enough room for movement around the space. Also, make sure it provides sufficient lighting for high-quality video footage capture.

Many high-end VR booths feature a sharing station – an LCD monitor that enables guests to scan, download, or airdrop videos – encouraging more attendees to participate. This feature can significantly increase attendance within your VR booth experience.

No matter the type of booth you choose, investing in high-quality cameras and software is crucial to creating professional-looking images and videos that your guests will love. Furthermore, investing in quality cameras allows you to add effects or filters that enhance the final product and add effects or filters that enhance its finality.


An immersive photo booth can add tremendous fun and memorable content to any party or event, as it creates unforgettable memories for guests. Plus, renting one may help promote your brand or business! However, rental costs may be expensive; thus, you should prepare for extra expenses that may arise during its use.

A typical 360 booth features a circular platform equipped with a camera rig that rotates around it. When guests step onto the platform, their photos or video clips are captured by the rotating camera rig, taking burst images or video clips as soon as they stand on it. Augmented reality can also be added for real-time photo and video effects that guests can add instantly.

Before renting a 360 photo booth, ensure the company has a strong reputation and portfolio. Get referrals from friends or colleagues who have used their services, make sure they possess sufficient industry experience, are familiar with the technical specifications of their equipment, and have the capacity to handle any potential issues that might arise during an event.

One of the primary factors to keep in mind when purchasing a 360 photo booth is maintenance and staffing costs. A typical booth requires two operators who will oversee its equipment and assist guests as they enter and exit it; additionally, they should have the expertise needed to troubleshoot any problems that may arise and provide customer support if any occur.

Transporting and setting up a 360 booth is another challenge, requiring either a truck or van with sufficient lifting capabilities. Storage in an appropriate facility until event day also poses risks; additionally, having adequate insurance cover should any repairs be needed or replacement needs occur is vital to its success.

Cost can be prohibitive for small rental businesses that offer only traditional photo booths; however, investing in 360 photo booths is still worthwhile as people appreciate unique services that distinguish them from competitors and attract a broader range of customers.

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