How often should office and commercial areas be cleaned?


The success of any company depends on its achievements in the field of activity. However, it is important enough to create a positive impression during negotiations, so office space should always be kept clean. Also, wet cleaning of the office helps to increase efficiency and protects employees from allergies and diseases.


The main features of office cleaning:

  •  Large companies with high traffic are the biggest collectors of dust and dirt, so daily cleaning of offices should be carried out;
  • Computer equipment occupies a leading position in collecting dust; since employees of firms do not always monitor their equipment on their own, it must be cleaned periodically;
  • In offices and commercial areas, furniture is heavily soiled, especially sofas and armchairs designed for waiting;
  • Bathrooms and other places that are massively used especially require attention.

To deal with such problems, it is better to contact an office and commercial cleaning company. Specialists will perform their work quickly, efficiently, and regularly. The main rule of any cleaning is to follow the work algorithm, in which case you will get an excellent result.

Cleaning is of several types:

  1. Daily cleaning;
  2. As pollution cleaning;
  3. Deep cleaning.

Let’s look at each of them separately.

Cleaning standards for offices and commercial areas

Daily cleaning is done according to the rule – from top to bottom. First, the dust is wiped from all surfaces, and the workplace of the company’s employees is put in order (for this, it is necessary to obtain his consent). After that, dry cleaning of furniture and floors is performed; as a rule, any cleaning agency has in its arsenal equipment that contributes to quick and efficient cleaning.

Particular attention is paid to the computer and related equipment. Workers providing office cleaning services use special wipes and do not allow themselves to wipe the dust with a wet cloth. Also, they clean the dust that accumulates in the wires, all actions are performed very carefully.

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Finally, the floors are washed. If the cleaners perform wet cleaning during working hours, a sign must be put up saying that the floor is wet. Thus, all company employees will be warned not to slip on the damp floor.

Also, daily cleaning includes collection, removal of garbage, and change of packages. With a specific agreement, the cleaner monitors the decorative flowers growing in the office, namely watering, fertilizing, and dusting.

The bathroom should be cleaned daily, as this is common: sinks, toilets, and floors are washed and thoroughly disinfected. Particular attention is paid to door handles because more than a dozen hands touch them daily.

The procedure for periodic cleaning of the office and commercial areas

It is impossible to cover all places completely with daily cleaning, and there is no particular need for this. They wash mirrors and windows once every couple of weeks, and dust is wiped from various decorative elements. Also, upholstered furniture is cleaned more seriously; stubborn stains are removed with special detergents, and dust is wiped off from horizontal surfaces and vertical facades.

Deep cleaning is carried out no more than once every few months. This may be according to plan or preparation for a special event. If you can hire a full-time employee for daily cleaning, the more you can master the skills after passing special cleaning training, then professional cleaning of offices is better suited for deep cleaning. First of all, commercial cleaning service in Chicago includes a thorough treatment of a large area, and one person simply cannot cope; an office cleaning company can involve a whole team of specialists. Also, the use of equipment and cleaning products is required, the separate purchase of which does not make sense because they are often not supposed to be used. In addition, specialists must have the appropriate experience and knowledge to perform the work efficiently and without damage. After all, it is necessary to use the proper detergent and auxiliary equipment for each material.

Deep commercial cleaning includes:

  • Dry cleaning of furniture, including couch cleaning;
  • Washing chandeliers and other light sources;
  • Cleaning blinds, washing curtains and curtains;
  • Washing of doors and batteries;
  • Complete cleaning and disinfection of the bathroom;
  • Cleaning soft floor coverings;
  • And other kinds of work.

It is worth noting that the cleanliness in the offices depends not only on the performance of the work of the responsible person for cleaning but also on the employees themselves. Everyone must keep order in the workplace, carefully use the shelves with documents and not chaotically scatter them, and not litter in the dining area.

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