How to choose LED strip light and LED power supply

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Led strip lights light

With the development of BROUGHT lighting technology, LED illumination products, whether in terms of item specifications or price, have become more acceptable. Many spots using traditional lamps are generally increasingly replaced by DIRECTED lighting. Sometimes consumers don’t know how to choose numerous models of merchandise.

How to quickly, simply along with effectively purchase LED merchandise

One is the power and included luminous efficiency. The included luminous efficiency of DIRECTED lights refers to the brilliant performance of LED lights, lightweight lumens/watt. The greater the value indicates that the mild energy-saving effect is better, a lot more power saving, you should pick high lumens/watts LED lamps. According to the connectivity to the environment to buy the right LED lamps.

The second is the area rendering index and shade temperature. Color rendering list is an indicator to evaluate the area rendering ability of the source of light to the object. The perfect standard light source color rendering index chart of 100, the higher color rendering index, the more detailed the light source to the object’s color response to the true coloring. It is generally believed this: 80 to 100, great color rendering; 50 to help 79, available color copy; less than 50, poor coloring rendering. The unit of coloring temperature in Kelvin (K), red light source color heat range between 800K ~ 900K, yellow and white source of a light color temperature of about three or more, 000K, white light source coloring temperature of about 5500K, lighting azure light source color temperature concerning 8, 000K ~ 14, 000K.

How to make sure to pick the LED strip you like?

LED strip light source can be divided into LED gentle strip light and GUIDED hard strip light.

Led strip lights light products have endurance and low energy intake. FPC is used for circuit boards, and SMD LEDs are used for assembly. The thickness of the product is simply the thickness of a or maybe and not taking up space. The particular characteristics of LED gentle strip products are soft and versatile, especially convenient for corners and corners decoration, including round/irregular design decoration. The bed of the strip sticker is an imported 3M double-sided self-adhesive casing series with securing accessories, easy to install. It’s also cut at will, can also be with little thought extended without affecting the sunshine, commonly used in: city extrémité lighting, irregular design system decoration, dark home groove edging, car beauty, fashion display cabinets, and any other sites need to light decorative beautification.

LED hard strip is with PCB hardboard to try and do assembly circuit board, table lamp beads with the plug-in, and SMD, but currently, the many users are the SMD, according to the needs of different and make use of different lamp beads. Some great benefits of the LED hard strip are not hard to fix. Processing and setting up are more convenient, with a V-shaped aluminum groove base, large brightness, adjustable luminous viewpoint. The length can be customized in line with the actual use requirements. The drawback is that it cannot be bent anytime and is unsuitable for unusual places. Commonly used in fashion showcase lighting, display case lighting, cabinet lighting, dresser lighting, decorative store light, art lighting, advertising pack lighting and hotel, hotel room, home villa decorative light, etc.

Whether it is an ENCOURAGED soft strip or ENCOURAGED hard strip, it has identical product characteristics: it uses low Voltage switching power DC12V or DC24V, which can be very safe and has a normal service life of more than 30 000 hours. It can work typically in ambient temperature -30℃- +60℃, and the color manifestation index and color heat can be selected according to different light environments.

LED Power Supply

Whether or not building your LED installation, repairing and retrofitting a present fixture, or buying a completely new LED lamp, you will need to find the proper power source for your LEDs. You will need a constant recent LED driver or a continual voltage power supply to make your LEDs work properly. There are several factors to consider when choosing a power source for LED lighting.

LED Power Supply

Many LED products or GUIDED strips already have built-in individuals or resistors to regulate the existing. To bring these whitening strips into the home, an ALTERNATING CURRENT to DC converter is necessary, which converts the standard 220VAC home voltage to 12VDC or 24VDC. So a consistent voltage power supply needs to be chosen to regulate the Voltage.

How to choose the right LED constant voltage power supply?

1. Wattage

First, find out how many watts your lights will consume. After that, choose the power supply that compares to the wattage. If you wish to operate more than one lamp from a solitary power supply, you must add the actual wattage to find the total wattage used. Ensure you have an adequate power supply by giving yourself even the teens buffer on the total wattage calculated from the LEDs. This will easily be done by developing the total wattage by 1 ) 2 and finding a power accessory rated at that wattage.

2. Voltage

LED products using built-in current regulators usually are very good at specifying typically the input voltage that should be utilized. For example, an LED strip uses a 12V or 24V power supply, so the LED power can be selected based on if the LED strip specifies a 12V or 24V input attention.

3. Environment

An important factor should not be overlooked when choosing a power supply in the area and environment in which it will be utilized. A power supply operates the majority efficiently if used in its temperature parameters. Power accessory specifications should include a safe running temperature range. It is best to handle within this range and ensure the power supply is not employed in areas where heat can increase and go above this greatest operating temperature.

4. Productivity

The power efficiency indicates the amount of power used to make the LEDs illuminate. The higher the efficiency proportion of the power supply, the more electrical power will be saved in the end. Intended for LED applications, it is best to opt for a power supply with an efficiency involving 80% or higher. You can check the energy supply from YSD to have the most efficient option as they come with an efficiency of 86% or more.

5. Size

When choosing an electrical supply for your LED task, it is important to know where it requires to be installed. The size of the ability supply can be selected based on the size of the installation area.

Find the best power supply for you.

If you are still struggling to find LED power, you can check the YSD power supply. There are lots of kinds, including IP20 BROUGHT normal power supply, IP67 BROUGHT waterproof power supply, LED dimmable power supply, LED linear power, LED high-end power supply, and so on.

The photograph shows that this is a new product updated this current year.

LED Power Supply

C series C variation is IP20 indoor some ways adjustment soothing move LED power supply with high productivity, high quality, and high competition.

The power range of this line is 30-500w, the output braille support 12v and 24v.

Based on the old product, it includes some new improvements.

To start with, it’s the connector, making use of a press-type connector through adding more AC. For click type connector, you do not have any screwdriver, click and finish wire connection. Considerably more AC terminals will be considerably better for parallel connection, this would save your time& easy employing in real project worksite.

Secondly, it’s the discord adjustment. It has three qualifications to achieve different brightness. The primary degree is 40%, another degree is 60%, your third degree is 80%.

Third, we add a soft commence button soft-start power for better eye defense, with quick Voltage adjusting to choose the favorite brightness.

Next, this series is a lover design; the biggest advantage will be will not overheat damage due to dust amassing due to fan cooling. Also, no fan design will not have sound. It will be better for you to enhance School, Hotel, Meeting Bedrooms.

All YSD products or services already approved CE, CLICKBANK, SAA, TUV, BIS, and ROHS testing.

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