How to choose the most comfortable mattress

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Do you sleep on your side? Back? Stomach? Are you a hot sleeper or a cold one? Do you prefer firm mattresses or soft ones? Finding the most comfortable mattress for you is a process that requires patience and some trial and error. It will help if you start by figuring out what makes you comfortable in bed — whether sleeping on your back or side or even curling up into a fetal position. Then, it would help if you thought about your body type and whether you’re more likely to prefer soft or firm mattresses. Once you’ve figured out where your preferences lie, finding the right mattress will be much easier!

Think about your body type.

If you’re unsure of your best sleeping position, get help from a bedding expert. They can tell you what mattress is most likely to suit your needs based on their experience with different body types and sleep positions.

If you know that you have a certain body type, it’s easy to ensure the mattress fits well with that frame. For example, if you are tall or short, thin or heavy, choose a mattress that supports and avoids pressure points that could cause pain during sleep. 

Be honest about your budget.

It would help if you were honest about how much you can afford. While it’s great to think about what you’d like to pay for a mattress, please don’t get caught up in the idea that it’s worth spending more than you need to. If there are mattresses on sale in your price range that are still comfortable enough for your needs, they might be the best choice.

Know what’s inside the mattress.

When choosing your most comfortable mattress, it’s essential to consider the materials that make up the mattress. Each type of material has different properties and can affect how restful your sleep is.

The most common types of foam are high-density polyurethane foam, memory foam, latex, and fiber-based. High-density polyurethane foam is typically found in lower-priced mattresses but can be quite firm; this makes for great support for heavier body weights or those who like firm beds. Memory foam is more expensive but provides pressure relief by contouring your body shape so that you sink into it rather than lying on top of it like when sleeping on an air mattress or waterbeds, which can cause muscle soreness after sleeping on them all night.

Consider a hybrid mattress.

Hybrid mattresses are a mix of different materials. The top layer is often memory foam, which is soft and contours your body. This provides some pressure relief while still having the support you need for your hips, shoulders, and other areas that need it. The middle layer is usually made with coils or springs (or both)—firmness comes from the number of coils in this section alone—and serves as a foundation to keep you off the floor. Finally, layers underneath consist of foam blocks that can provide additional support where needed.


You can find the most comfortable mattress for your body, budget, and sleep style.

The first step is to determine what type of sleeper you are. Once you know this information, it will be easier for an expert salesperson to recommend the right model for your needs. You may also want to test out several models before making a purchase—some stores offer this service free of charge, but some do not.

Once you’ve decided which kind of mattress will best suit all these criteria (and more), consider whether there might be something else out there that isn’t quite so expensive but still provides excellent comfort without breaking the bank; entirely!

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