How to Make a Cat in the Hat Cake


On a rainy day, an unnamed narrator and his sister find comfort from an unexpected visitor: The Cat in the Hat! A tall anthropomorphic cat dressed in a red-and-white-striped stovepipe hat comes to their house to entertain them with many entertaining tricks.

Geisel created The Cat in the Hat to inject some fun and anarchy into a world of children’s books that encouraged kids to remain silent and unheard. His chaotic, chaotic persona stands in stark contrast to his formal and refined appearance.

Ombre Red & White Stripes

JMC Custom Cakes created this adorable cake for a one-year-old girl’s birthday party. Featured are Horton, Thing 1, and Lorax from Dr. Seuss’ stories, as well as Cat in the Hat and his umbrella from his stories. This delightful masterpiece was perfect to commemorate such an important milestone!

To achieve an ombre effect, the baker added several drops of food color to their cake batter and mixed it in before gradually increasing their dose until they had reached their desired shade of pink. Once completed, three sections were divided off from this single cake base, which had already been baked and chilled prior to spreading out onto plates or slices.

The next step was covering each section with thicker-than-normal frosting in order to achieve an ombre effect before smoothing it out using a cake scraper for an elegant finish.

Once the frosting had set, a baker added fondant shapes to complete her masterpiece cake. She placed all the components carefully onto it before covering it all in straightforward frosting to protect the fondant from water damage.

Beyond its prominent ombre theme, this cake also incorporates plenty of blue tones – which pair nicely with the red and white stripes on the hat. This unique approach can bring together two colors that would otherwise be challenging to pair together.

The ombre trend is here to stay, and there are endless combinations you can try based on your skin tone and natural hair color. From fiery red, copper, and strawberry blonde hues – your stylist will advise on which works best.

Reds don’t fade as fast, making them an excellent low-maintenance option for anyone searching for low-maintenance color options. Bryant recommends choosing color-safe and locking shampoos (such as Madison Reed’s Red Revive Plus Refresh Hair Color Set ($42)), using a shower cap when washing your hair, spraying strands with Beach Club Volume Texture Spray ($32), protecting locks with heat protectant before styling, not washing daily, and covering locks with heat protectant after using any appliances on waves before protecting locks with heat protectant before styling any devices are applied – keeping reds alive and vibrant for longer!

Ombre Red & White Cake

The ombre cake trend has taken Pinterest by storm and is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after ways to craft eye-catching layer cakes. The ombre effect involves gradually blending one color into another from dark to light; you can make this as subtle or dramatic as desired, and they look beautiful with any number of color palettes – this red and white ombre cake showcases it perfectly.

This three-layer cake is relatively straightforward yet sure to impress your guests. Begin by creating the cake batter, dividing it among five small bowls evenly (weigh to ensure even layers), tinting 3 of these bowls blue (light, medium, and dark shades are used), and leaving one bowl un-tinted.

Next, mix in some red food coloring – we only added two drops, but you could use as much or as little as necessary to achieve your desired ombre effect.

Bake each cake layer separately according to the box instructions, allowing them to cool completely before frosting them with light blue frosting. Smooth out the colors with an offset spatula or cake comb* until your frosting has set, then chill until it’s set.

Once the blue frosting has been set, set aside some to recolor using more red food coloring until you reach a shade that complements your cake design. Frost the darkest layer first using this shade before spreading some lighter blue frosting to cover it; repeat this procedure for each additional layer.

Finish the cake off using any remaining light blue frosting to ice the outside and store in the fridge until ready for serving – an excellent way to celebrate birthdays or other special events! This cake would make an elegant centerpiece.

Ombre Red & White Frosting

Ombre cakes have become all the rage lately, and making one is far easier than you may realize. This effect is achieved by layering slightly different shades of the same frosting color to achieve an eye-catching light-to-dark transition on each layer of frosting for a gradual fade development. Ombre cakes make great centerpieces at any event, from birthdays to baby showers or Valentine’s Day festivities!

Start by layering and filling your cake layers before applying a crumb coat (a thin layer of buttercream that traps all of the crumbs) and chilling in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to help set all of the crumbs so it will be much simpler to frost the cake later on smoothly.

Once your cake has set, apply one more coat of white buttercream over its entire surface to form the base for your ombre colors, and feel free to let some overhang the sides, as this will assist with blending later on.

Next, choose a base color (here it’s blue) and begin by mixing small amounts of food coloring into the frosting using a fork or whisk. Remember, it’s always best to start slowly adding more paint as necessary; adding too much at once could result in muted colors!

Once your color is perfect, transfer it to a piping bag fitted with a plain round tip. Pipe a ring or two of blue frosting around the bottom third of your cake for added visual interest.

Continue to pipe in an ombre pattern using all four colors until you reach the top edge of your cake, switching up tips in both bags to create more realistic ombre effects and achieve a natural-looking ombre pattern.

Once your final ombre line has been piped on, use your bench scraper to smooth out its edges and decorate further with swirls or stars if desired – now your beautiful cat in the hat cake is ready to enjoy!

Ombre Red & White Sprinkles

A two-tier round chocolate cake featuring whipped buttercream filling covered in silky fondant. On top of the cake is an intricate hand-sculpted Cat in the Hat featuring its classic black bow tie, red hat, and red-striped ball, made especially for a child’s birthday and themed perfectly to their party theme.

To create the ombre effect on this cake, I used India Tree Nature’s Colors White sprinkles – these dye-free sprinkles can be used to decorate cakes, cookies, and doughnuts! They may not work so well for anything too wet, such as frosting or ganache, but they make for beautiful displays of dry ingredients!

My method for applying sprinkles involves gently and lightly pressing each one with my pad of fingers, being mindful of spacing them out evenly. Pushing too hard may cause them to clump or leave indents on the cake’s surface; for greater ease, consider investing in tweezers if you plan to add multiple types of embellishments at once; they make this task quicker and more straightforward without the risk of nail indentation!

Sprinkle Pop’s Character Sprinkle Mix can be used to decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other baked goods for Princess-themed parties, Baby Showers, Gender Reveals, Bridal Showers or weddings, or just about any holiday treat!