How to Market Your Asphalt Paving Company


Professional asphalt paving companies provide an array of services. These include resurfacing, overlaying, repair, seal coating, striping, marking, and drainage solutions. Furthermore, they work closely with reliable manufacturers of high-grade asphalt products and possess the skills required to deliver outstanding work to their clients. Learn the best info about asphalt in Indiana.

Request references from your contractor; they should gladly give contact details of satisfied customers as references.

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When it comes to asphalt construction and repair projects, working with an affordable asphalt company is of utmost importance. Professional contractors from this category will deliver superior paving services that leave a positive impression on your customers and prospects alike and ensure your project is completed on schedule.

Before hiring a paving contractor, be sure to get detailed estimates for any work that needs to be done. This will allow you to choose which company best meets your needs and inquire about their liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

Reputable asphalt paving companies should offer references from satisfied customers as evidence of their confidence and dedication to customer satisfaction. Furthermore, they will be happy to answer any queries regarding the work they perform; you could even request photos or videos of past paving projects as additional proof of their abilities and expertise.

Online reviews

Online reviews have an enormous effect on any business, and asphalt paving companies, in particular, are particularly susceptible to negative press and reputational damage from bad reviews posted by unhappy customers who tend to post bad ones more readily than satisfied ones; just one negative review can cost 30 new clients! A proactive approach towards review collection must also ensure authentic 5-star worthy reviews can be easily acquired online.

If hiring an asphalt paving contractor, ask for references to previous projects they have completed. If they hesitate to do so, this may be a telltale sign; seeking referrals from friends, family, or neighbors may also prove helpful.

Quality paving contractors provide many design ideas to help create the ideal driveway or parking lot, along with written estimates for materials, labor costs, and warranty coverage. You should be able to locate this information either on their website or by directly reaching out.


One of the best ways to market your asphalt paving company is through flyer distribution in your local community. For maximum effect, flyers can be placed at small businesses, churches, and YMCAs—an affordable way to advertise your business!

Along with flyers, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer free ways of advertising an asphalt paving business. By connecting more closely with customers through these free platforms, you will increase customer retention and revenue for your business.

The city employs Cartegraph, a pavement management system, to assess its roads and assess their condition. This system assigns numerical values to every segment and pinpoints areas requiring repair, then prioritizes these segments according to PCI index scores and traffic volumes. Residents will be informed about upcoming concrete and paving operations that require them to move their vehicles, as well as any moving instructions from operators; excessive water can damage newly laid concrete pavement if watered after working hours.


Paving contractors can use postcards to spread offers and reviews about their services, featuring essential contact details and images that draw customers in. Asphalt paving companies may also use brochures as another marketing strategy for their products and services; these brochures can be distributed both physically and via mail for maximum return on investment.

Paving contractors can take advantage of the holiday season to showcase their expertise by sending this Asphalt Paving Logo Holiday Card. Featuring Santa and his crew creating the ideal holiday, customers and business associates will appreciate this festive greeting card.

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Door hangers

Door hangers can be an economical and straightforward way to promote your asphalt paving business. You or an outside printer can easily print them for a small fee; additionally, local newspapers usually accept them without charge as promotional pieces.

An effective business needs an online presence; having a Facebook page, Google Business profile, and website will attract customers. Utilize these channels to post pictures of your work, tips for homeowners, and testimonials from past clients – or use social media as a promotional platform to announce special offers and sales!

One telltale sign of fraudsters is when a contractor comes knocking at your door with claims of leftover material from another job site. Yet reputable contractors never sell services directly from door to door. Also, make sure they possess an active business license from either their county or municipal agencies before proceeding with hiring them.