How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes: Overcoming Cravings


This is reinforcement for how to quit smoking and stay left. After finishing, two (2) modes contain the most challenging cravings to overcome. The first and most obvious is: Being a newly retired cigarette smoker and resisting the urge to smoke during the first week. The second is less obvious; having been finished for a while and having a sudden ‘good idea’ to have one (1) cigarette to ‘calm your nerves.’ Obtain the Best information about e zigarette aroma.

After being quiet for a while, we find ourselves in a vulnerable position. We appear to believe that we have some control over the disease of addiction. We don’t realize that our nicotine addiction is growing behind our backs. All it takes is ONE cigarette to not only quickly resume smoking as much as you did before quitting but also to increase the volume you smoke regularly. A logical mind that can rationalize smoking a cigarette after quitting is a smoker’s most dangerous state of mind.

So, how do we stay smoke-free during these trying times after learning how to quit smoking cigarettes?

When You First Stop Smoking

The most important thing to remember in your first few days as a nonsmoker is that every time you give in to a craving and take even one (1) drag, it becomes increasingly difficult to resist. The most important thing you can do for your quit is to stick to your quit date and not take even one (1) puff of a cigarette. Remember that cravings are relatively brief, and if you can get through the first thirty (30) seconds, you can get through the next ten (10) minutes, thirty (30) seconds at a time.

You MUST make a list of anti-smoking actions you can take during the day when you have seemingly insurmountable cravings.

This list could include anything, including:

  • Taking a stroll
  • consuming raw carrots or other vegetables
  • Keeping a journal of your thoughts
  • chatting with a friend
  • Deep inhalation
  • Positive affirmations (I am a nonsmoker; I can make it through this; I do not need to smoke a cigarette; I am whole, perfect, and complete without cigarettes)
  • Cleaning and organizing your workspace
  • Phone conversation (use the hand you usually smoked with)
  • Yoga positions or other stretches
  • And there are numerous other options.

When You’ve Been a Nonsmoker for a While

It is critical to remember that, even if you are not actively smoking, you are suffering from a deadly disease of nicotine addiction that will never go away. You are NOT cured of your addiction, no matter how long you go without smoking cigarettes. You may persuade yourself that you are different after smoking once and not thinking about it much the next day. The reality is that you WILL consider it and permit yourself to have another one at some point. After that, it’ll only be a matter of time before you forget how to quit smoking cigarettes.

Don’t forget the peace of mind you found to help you quit smoking if you took the time to invest in emotional recovery from nicotine addiction. Remember not to let life’s stresses wear you down. Take time to meditate, and remember to keep your personal and professional side of the street clean. When you act against your higher self, remember that it’s okay to admit it and apologize.

We smoke because we are not generally comfortable feeling as many emotions as the human heart can. The more at ease, we are with ourselves and others, the easier it will be to accept the reality surrounding us and our feelings as we experience them.

Don’t forget about your initial lessons on how to quit smoking cigarettes: Maintain physical, spiritual, and emotional health so that smoking a cigarette never sounds appealing.

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