How to Record Google Meet


Google Meet call recordings can be easily set up with minimal hassle for meeting organizers and participants with appropriate permissions, who can enable it by clicking “Activities” and then “Recordings.” Discover the best info about record a google meet.

Once the meeting is finished, you can access your video in Google Drive and share it by selecting it and adding the email addresses of those to whom you’d like to send it.

1. EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is an excellent solution if you want to record the computer screen. This software is easy to use and offers numerous features for recording online meetings, YouTube videos, games, and much more. Plus, its installation process is straightforward!

EaseUS RecExperts is an incredible tool that lets you record both webcam and microphone output simultaneously, as well as capture audio from system sources and external sources. With advanced recording and editing features that help create engaging and informative videos for your audience, EaseUS RecExperts allows multiple video recording modes as well as drag crop bars to select specific areas for recording, choose audio sources, and recording resolution options can all help ensure high-quality recordings suitable for sharing on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

EaseUS RecExperts not only features an easy and intuitive interface but is packed with useful professional-level features, too. Its built-in task scheduler makes automating recordings simple; even schedule the start/end time for each one and set automatic recordings to pause/resume at any time! Furthermore, EaseUS RecExperts gives users access to tools that enable annotating, cutting, and adding watermarks directly onto recorded videos if needed.

This program is accessible to download and install on both Windows and Mac computers and comes in various license types (including lifetime for individual users). It provides excellent support services, including email and live chat, with customer service available Monday to Friday from 9 am-5:30 pm Eastern. Furthermore, this software comes backed with both a generous money-back guarantee and a free trial period.

Not only can this software help record Google Meet, but it can also record YouTube videos, games, tutorials, and more – even including your voice to make the video more engaging for viewers! Furthermore, this program features an image capture function, which will come in handy for video creators.

2. EaseUS Screen Recorder

EaseUS Screen Recorder offers reliable and straightforward screen recording software. This flexible app enables you to easily record everything from entire screens or regions of them to webcam recordings – perfect for creating tutorials and presentations! Best of all? It’s completely free!

Google Meet is a video conferencing service launched in 2017. It includes many features, such as video and audio calls, instant messaging, whiteboards, and polling – ideal for businesses or individuals needing to communicate with clients or colleagues remotely. If your internet connection becomes strained, however, quality recordings may suffer – therefore, it’s vital that you find an efficient recording solution in order to record Google Meet sessions effectively.

EaseUS Screen Recorder is an efficient and lightweight application designed to make Google Meet recordings effortless. Capturing high-resolution screenshots and videos from your computer’s screen, webcam, or speaker audio. Equipped with built-in tools that let you edit recordings by adding lines, arrows, and text, as well as advanced background noise removal functions for professional video creators looking to enhance their recordings further.

This program is available for both Windows and Mac computers, featuring an intuitive user interface and multiple recording modes that make it simple for anyone to use, regardless of experience level. Plus, GPU acceleration technology enables high-resolution videos without any lag time on your computer!

One of the most influential and time-saving approaches for recording Google Meet is using a third-party program or plugin that helps record your screen. Such software can be very efficient at saving you time, while recording high-resolution meetings at high resolution is not advised; you should instead opt for using separate software if requiring high-quality recordings.

3. EaseUS Video Recorder

EaseUS Video Recorder provides an easy and effective solution for recording Google Meet, offering numerous features to assist with creating professional-quality videos with ease. Available for both Windows and Mac platforms, its multiple file format support makes it suitable for use across different purposes, while its task scheduler makes recording meetings at predetermined times even simpler.

This program boasts a user-friendly and well-organized interface, making it simple for newcomers. You can record any portion or all of a screen, along with audio from system or microphone sources. Furthermore, editing features allow for adding texts or lines directly onto screenshots – ideal for gamers! Lastly, game recording mode adds extra convenience.

This free tool is accessible to download and install, prompting the installer to start you for all required permissions to begin use immediately. Once done, this software allows users to record any video in high definition, such as 4K resolution, with various recording formats – also including webcam recording – unlike many other free tools available today.

Another great feature of this software is that it automatically stops recording when a meeting reaches a set duration or size, saving both time and space on your computer. Furthermore, this tool can capture screenshots during and after recording to help with taking notes or making annotations on videos. In addition, MP3 format makes the files easier to playback on mobile devices while adding custom intro and outro videos gives your videos even more personalization – don’t wait – download it now by clicking below!

4. EaseUS Audio Recorder

No matter if it’s for business or pleasure, Google Meet audio recorders provide an effective solution for recording every vital moment without missing a beat. These free apps are user-friendly; look for ones compatible with your device and operating system to maximize efficiency and save both time and effort when recording meetings. These apps will enable you to focus on what matters in each meeting instead of recording what’s not essential.

EaseUS RecExperts stands out among other screen recorders for Google Meet with its simple interface and advanced features, making it one of the premier options available on the market. It allows you to record either all or specific regions, can include webcam video in addition to audio recording, schedule recordings automatically with auto-stop functionality, and features a built-in video editor capable of performing basic tasks.

This tool is available for both Mac and Windows devices, making it a versatile option. Its feature set is extensive, recording audio and video in HD quality. Furthermore, you can add intro and outro videos, edit your videos, and even add watermarks to your recordings with just one click! Plus, its interface makes this an easy option that captures full screens or individual windows instantly!

You have the option of turning off the floating toolbar during a recording session, making it easier to control your recorder during meetings or other computer tasks. Keyboard shortcuts can be tailored specifically to suit your needs; plus, there’s even an inbuilt video compressor, so your recordings will be smaller and more portable!

This powerful program makes recording any resource on your screen for work, education, entertainment, and gaming easy and accessible. It has features such as full-screen recording, customizable hotkeys, and multiple output formats, plus capturing live streaming videos from YouTube or Twitch without permission – perfect for instruction delivery, onboarding new employees quickly, troubleshooting procedures, or sharing lectures!

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