How To Sell Products In Lazada Philippines – Easy Steps

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How To Sell Products In Lazada Philippines: The online world is no longer a treasure trove of knowledge. It has evolved into a marketplace brimming with options, many of which are lucrative! Online purchasing has become even more accessible as mobile phones have evolved into minicomputers.

Platforms like Lazada make online businesses more accessible to the proper clients. Before you jump right into How To Sell Products In Lazada Philippines, familiarise yourself with the requirements and circumstances that need fulfillment.

Lazada Group, the major eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia, was founded in 2012. Lazada was named the Alibaba Group’s regional flagship in 2016. So, from the above, you will get to know about history.

We will tell you how you can become its member, How To Sell Products In Lazada Philippines and much more.

How To Sell Products In Lazada Philippines

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How To Sell Products In Lazada Philippines: What are the steps to becoming a seller in Lazada Philippines?

It is an e-commerce site that doesn’t need an introduction. Lazada is the Philippines’ most popular online shopping platform. And the third most popular in Southeast Asia.

What makes Lazada so appealing to Filipinos is that majority of the merchants on the marketplace accept Cash on Delivery (CoD) as a payment method. Given the Philippines’ low bank penetration rate, it’s no wonder that the market chooses this mode of payment over others.

Given that Filipinos are still getting used to internet purchasing, COD is the most effective technique to gain their trust in the system.

How To Sell Products In Lazada Philippines: What items can I sell?

  • Food products that do not meet the requirements of the Food Regulations
  • Pirated or malicious software.
  • Weapons of any kind are prohibited.
  • Obscene images
  • Anything that displays obnoxiousness
  • Telecommunications gear
  • Gaming and gambling items that are prohibited
  • Chemicals/Toxins/Acid

Some key facts:

The marketplace is the most popular eCommerce marketplace in Malaysia, with operations in six countries.

The Lazada marketplace has over 41 million monthly visits.

On the market, there are more than 300 million SKUs.

How To Sell Products In Lazada Philippines: What are the requirements for a seller?

  • In the Philippines, the need for a business license.
  • A registered Payoneer card as a business
  • You’ll need an email address and a phone number to set up your account.
  • Sellers must have prior e-commerce sales experience. Such as Amazon, AliExpress, Wish, eBay, and other similar sites.

How To Sell Products In Lazada Philippines?

  • Navigate to the Lazada website. Click “Sell on Lazada” and then “Sign Up Now.”
  • Select whether you wish to sell as an individual or a company. Please include your phone number. To double-check the number, slide it.
  • Fill in the blanks on the contract. After reviewing the contract, click the checkbox. Sign up by using the button below.
  • After you’ve completed your registration,
  • You will redirect to the seller center, where you may manage your Lazada online store. Complete the checklist to become verified and begin selling on Lazada.

To conclude How To Sell Products In Lazada Philippines, Lazada is the most popular marketplace in Southeast Asia.

If you’re looking for a way to make money online, becoming a seller on Lazada is the first and most essential step to take.

Foreign sellers who want to create a presence in new areas will find the option of cross-border selling quite appealing. If you follow the instructions, you’ll be a Lazada merchant.


How can I contact them?

You can connect with them through a live chat facility. They provide 24-hour service.

Will you redeliver my item if you could not find my address the first time?

Yes, the courier will make a second attempt the next day.

Is there a minimum order amount to qualify for Express Delivery?


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