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Trading in general, whether online or traditional, is capable of returning enormous profits depending on the fact that the trader has added fundamental ingredients. These fundamental ingredients include funds and the perfect broker. While funds may or not be a problem but finding the perfect broker for online trading is genuinely pretty exhaustive and problematic.

The bottom-line is this that a person cannot effectively pursue his trader career’s objectives until the person does not seek help of a broker. However, this problem has been solved with the advent of online brokers. This very review will be on the same subject but with the perspective of a genuine and widely trusted broker namely IGI Markets.

Widely Trusted Online Broker

IGI Markets objective is to lead the global trading industry on the basis of quality brokerage services. In the fulfillment of its desired objective, IGI Markets has been rendering industry leading trade services to global clients. It was IGI Markets’ excellence in the service industry which ultimately led it to winning multiple awards by neutral organizations and authorities. The latest aware was given to the firm for winning the year’s best broker award. There are other similar awards which were awarded to IGI Markets for ensuring great services to online investors. This is the sole reason why this broker is immensely popular throughout the world and is enjoying impeccable reputation within the online community of traders.

Things Which Make IGI Markets Exceptional

There is a long list of things which make IGI Markets the number one trader’s choice broker. However, only a few notable ones will be mentioned for giving a picture of what sort of resources this broker is supplying to its traders.

· Selection Based Accounts

Trading accounts are necessary which though serve every type of trading but are different from each other.

Usually the account categorization is done on the basis of the requirements of traders. For instance, accounts are customized by the provider in which certain key elements and features are placed. The second account is usually the upgraded version of the first account having advanced and more features in addition to the ones contained in first one. So for say there more than two accounts then this would mean that the first account is going to be basic while the second would be slightly better than the basic one. As regards the third account, which is the last, it would have been designed while keeping in mind the needs of advanced, experienced and pro-level traders.

What IGI Markets has done with its accounts, it has divided them into 5 major categories. First account of IGI Markets is “Basic” which has some basic features needed by a newbie trader. Second and third accounts are “Bronze” and “Silver”, which though are yet more or less the basic accounts but have some extraordinary features. Likewise, there are two more accounts namely Gold and VIP. As discussed earlier, both these accounts are deliberately made for advanced, experience and pro-level traders. There are exceptional features in them while the benefits in them are unmatched with the basic accounts.

·Trade More Than 300 Assets

A trader would be more than glad to learn that at IGI Markets he can actually trade in more than 300 plus assets. So there is plenty of room for a trader to first determine what type of asset is excelling in the market and then make an investment decision.

·Wide Range of Engaging Trading Tools

Trading and having accounts is one thing while using the trading tools is another thing. Although the two are separate things but are strongly intertwined together. In simple words, trading requires tools and tools require trading. Fortunately, there is a wide range of tools that are provided by IGI Markets and all of them are engaging tools. A trader is not taken to others’ platforms or third parties for using their tools to carry out trading at IGI Markets. All the needed tools are duly provided and categorized in their respective places where they belong.

For example, trading is primarily carried out through the web portal of IGI Markets. If somebody wishes to execute a trading other than website, then the website can be accessed via mobile phones. IGI Markets support mobile application for Windows, iOS and Android users.

Similarly, if knowledge of trading is to be acquired from written text or through audio or visual assistance, again IGI Markets is providing them all. There are e-books, expert opinions, analysis, trade signals in written texts awaiting to share knowledge with the readers. Likewise there is separate tab where audio and visual learning is rendered through pre-recorded and live podcasts, video messages, audio recordings etc.


In the end, it is essential to note down that a feeble broker will lead a trader nowhere and the trader on his own cannot do the trading. Otherwise, a trader would be like a sheep surrounded by hungry wolves. You don’t have to be in the sheep’s position. So do your homework, carry out thorough research, judge and compare IGI Markets with others and then decide what you want to do.

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