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Institute for Spiritual Development is an energetic community dedicated to spiritual growth and awakening. We offer various spiritual education experiences as well as our Ministerial program and Spiritual Life Counseling service. Discover the best info about Kabbalah.

Centers for Spiritual Living spiritual communities are founded upon the Science of Mind philosophy while also drawing from many different religions of the world. We welcome people of all faiths or those simply curious about spirituality to join us!

Spiritual Education Classes

Teachers across the nation have come to recognize that the spiritual development of their students is a critical aspect of education. Studies demonstrate that those with healthy spiritual growth tend to be more resilient and open to learning opportunities and have shown increased moral and ethical maturity.

Students will explore various religious and spiritual traditions, their contributions to human experience and spirituality, and an array of research and scholarship available in this field.

This course emphasizes developing an inner life characterized by openness to God and His work in the world, conformity with Christ’s image, and experiential-relational soul work using Scripture-approved spiritual disciplines as well as those developed over church history. Co-curricular activities may include spiritual direction or retreats.

Pathways of Spirituality

Spirituality provides a framework for making sense of life’s events in search of meaning and purpose, particularly among older adults. Spirituality serves both internally and externally to manage adversity, stress, and hardship for participants of this research. Our primary aim was to examine the relationship between spirituality and resilience for these participants; several key domains emerged, such as spiritual utilization as an enabler of resilience and protector of well-being, commitment to spiritual beliefs and practices, and openness towards spiritual growth and transformation.

Activists follow a spiritual path that involves working toward positive social change. Their causes might range from protecting the environment or helping people experiencing homelessness to personal happiness and peace – they may work at high-stress jobs while spending time with people who share similar goals.

Spirituality can provide strength in times of hardship, yet its incorporation can be challenging in the workplace. Fostering an environment that supports spirituality is, therefore, essential.

Ministerial Program

The Ministerial Program is a course of study that equips participants to fulfill their divine calling. From ministry leaders and emerging preachers alike, this program gives participants all of the knowledge and tools needed to serve their community while spreading God’s word effectively. Lectures are led by pastors with extensive experience in pastoral leadership as part of this course of study.

Individuals trained outside The Church of God may also participate in this program as long as it meets church standards. To ensure compliance, The Church will review transcripts and other records carefully in order to assess whether all requirements have been fulfilled.

The Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program assists government Ministers tasked with economic and human development responsibilities to exercise effective leadership and achieve transformative policy goals. The program offers policy guidance, customized technical facilitation services, and capacity building tailored specifically to participating ministers’ requirements.

Spiritual Life Counseling Program

Spiritual life counselors can assist individuals in understanding and resolving spiritual matters. They may assist with issues like grief, anger, depression, or finding ways to connect with the universe while relieving stress or anxiety.

Your spiritual guide could have an orthodox or religious background or may possess more mystical or New Age knowledge; what matters most is their deep understanding of your spirituality. They will be able to assist in all areas of your life, from family matters to work matters.

Spiritual life coaches can assist with overcoming limiting beliefs and changing the way you view the world. They’ll teach you to shift your focus and live a life rich with abundance – they may even help you find meaning and love!

Heart to Heart

The Heart to Heart program offers workshops to help participants better comprehend and connect with their spiritual hearts, which in turn reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Open Heart Meditation provides another form of prayer that purges negative emotions from one’s mind.

This program aims to teach participants how to integrate critical biblical truth into their instincts and emotions in order to affect family life and relationships positively. Furthermore, participants will explore how Fall, culture, and family background have affected our beliefs, feelings, and instincts.

The SDC program blends online learning with on-site classes and supervision provided through the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation, grounded in Ignatian and Carmelite spirituality with a Catholic worldview. Students must first complete two courses through Avila Institute before starting the Heart of Christ program.

Inner Visions

Inner Vision is a program that assists individuals in better comprehending their inner emotions and perceptions in order to navigate relationships better and more consciously. Unfortunately, some may over-analyze these feelings or perceptions and become emotionally or mentally exhausted as a result; this can also cause miscommunication within relationships.

Individuals with inner solid Vision rely heavily on intuition when making decisions, often finding that this internal guidance leads them towards decisions that reflect their inner truths, even if those choices appear irrational or unconventional to others.

TIVI offers classes, workshops, and relationship-building tools based on universal spiritual principles. Their Rites of Passage program assists people in overcoming obstacles that prevent them from fulfilling their desired dreams, and they train students to become ministers of spiritual life – they aim to transform one life at a time!

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