Investing in Facebook Share Price


Whether you are a long-term investor in Facebook stock or looking for a quick way to profit from the social media giant, you might consider investing in the company’s share price. The latest estimates by DCF suggest that the company’s share price has risen to $410.

P/E ratio

Using a P/E ratio to determine the market value of a stock helps investors decide whether or not a reserve is overpriced or underpriced. The P/E ratio measures the current share price of a company against its earnings per share (EPS) to determine the market’s willingness to pay for future growth. It is one of the most widely used metrics for stock valuation.

A high P/E indicates that the market is willing to pay more for a stock than it would for an equal share of a company with fewer earnings. It also shows that the market thinks highly of the company’s growth potential.


Using EBITDA to calculate the value of a company is not uncommon. Several valuation firms use this statistic in their analysis. It is an excellent measure of a company’s performance and should be considered.

The best use for EBITDA is the tidbit above, but it is also a useful measure of a company’s financial health. For example, it is possible to quantify a company’s earnings using this metric, and it is not inconceivable that it could be a good indicator of cash flow potential, even in a depressed economy. Similarly, it is possible to compare and contrast a company’s earnings with those of its peers.

DCF estimates a current share price of $410

Using a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model to calculate the value of your Facebook stock isn’t a bad idea. With a gross margin of over 80%, Facebook should be able to cover your mortgage with a ten-dollar bill. That’s not to mention the plethora of apps and services that enable your Facebook connections to connect and collaborate. The company’s revenue growth is a boon to shareholders and employees alike. It’s also a great time to take advantage of low rates and buy up some of the company’s shares. That’s a tall order considering the sheer volume of stock on the market.


Despite its woes, the Facebook juggernaut is still a go-to. The company has nearly half the world’s users engaged monthly. The company can undoubtedly capitalize on the mobile age’s social-centric nature. One thing that makes this social network unique is its ability to innovate at will. This has translated into a high growth rate for new features such as its messenger app. As of this writing, the company has nearly a billion subscribers.

The coronavirus of late may have hampered the company’s revenue growth, but there’s no denying that the company’s business model is a formidable one. This is especially true given the company’s recent merger with rival MySpace.

Global economic slowdown

Despite the best efforts of the world’s most powerful economies, the global economy has not seen a real boost in recent months. The global output of goods and services was down in the second quarter of this year. Moreover, this trend is expected to continue into the winter, putting the European economies at risk of deeper declines.

The Global Economic Prospects (GEP) has released its latest forecast. This report outlines the state of the global economy and offers a glimpse into the future of worldwide growth and trade. The most notable change is the expected slowdown in China, which has been pushed down to 3.3 percent this year from a previously estimated increase of 6.6 percent.


Several investor groups have filed lawsuits against Facebook, arguing the company inflated its share price through false statements and misrepresentations. The cases are based on the May 17, 2012, initial public offering (IPO).

In one of the most recent cases, a group of investors claims that Facebook’s management has been using its platform to monitor user browsing activity and that the company has put profits at the expense of public safety. They claim that the company’s management needs to be replaced with a new set of leadership.

Another case involves Meta Platforms, a parent company of Facebook. It has been accused of illegally monitoring users’ browsing activities and recording their communications.