Investing in The Trade Desk (TTD) Stock


Whether you are a longtime investor or new to the stock market, you should consider investing in The Trade Desk (TTD). This large multinational technology company specializes in real-time programmatic marketing automation. It offers a variety of products and services.

ttd’s most recent earnings report

Despite a mixed third quarter, The Trade Desk’s (TTD) most recent earnings report proved to be a stellar example of the company’s storied status as a leading technology platform for buying advertising. Although the company’s gross margins are on the decline, it was still able to squeeze in a sizable number of sales in its fiscal third quarter. It also has a strong track record of exceeding Wall St’s expectations.

For instance, the company announced an impressive 31% year-over-year revenue growth. And while its eponymous CEO, Brian Smith, may have been busy rearranging his office cubicles, the company was able to report a hefty profit for its most recent quarter. Its net income of $23 million was more than double the $9.8 million it earned a year earlier. Among other highlights, The Trade Desk claimed its customer retention rate was over 95% for the eighth consecutive year.

Nevertheless, the most notable news of the day came in the form of a new revenue-sharing deal with the world’s largest consumer product company, Procter & Gamble. The partnership is expected to drive traffic to its eCommerce platform.

The company’s future outlook

Keeping tabs on the company’s future is a top priority, as is making intelligent business decisions. The best way to do this is by studying the company’s financial statements. These documents contain information on the company’s spending and management decisions. These reports also give insight into what the company is doing to remain competitive in a challenging global market. Specifically, the company is investing in technology to improve customer experience. It plans to expand its manufacturing footprint and bring more products to market.

The company’s most impressive achievements include its e-commerce strategy, which is being rolled out in the U.S., Japan, Brazil, Ireland, and the UK. In addition, the company has been making headway in China by establishing partnerships with local e-commerce companies. During the first quarter of fiscal 2023, the company reported a 74% year-over-year increase in revenue. The company has also aggressively ramped up its installation locations with contracted customers.

ttd’s most recent short sale volume

Whether you’re an investor or a curious consumer, you’ve probably wondered how much short sale volume The Trade Desk Inc. (NASDAQ: TTD) has seen in the past week. This stock has been mainly moving sideways after the company’s earnings report. But it may be set to break out into the fast lane once the situation improves.

The ad tech company has continued to gain market share even as the economy slows down. Its financial solid foundation, coupled with its promising growth outlook, make it an irresistible buy. While the company has experienced a short-lived slowdown during the recent pandemic, it will likely bounce back soon.

The firm is also in a better position than its insiders were a year ago. Over the past year, the company’s insiders sold US$16 million worth of stock. While this may have been the best decision, it would have been a wiser investment if they’d held on to the shares. This would have meant paying for the shares at a lower price than when they were sold.

Investing in the

Investing in TTD stock can be an excellent long-term investment. This company focuses on developing and marketing innovative products. It also has a loyal customer base. It has been proliferating in the past few years.

The Trade Desk is a software application business based in the U.S. It helps clients leverage online data to improve targeted advertising. It is expected to continue growing at a robust pace in the future. Its revenues have increased by a staggering 101% year over year in the second quarter.

The Trade Desk’s shares are listed on the NASDAQ exchange. Its Relative Strength Rating is 23. Its trailing 12-month revenue is around $1.5 billion. Its payment is expected to increase to $490 million at the mid-point of guidance. Its earnings were 26 cents per share at the end of September.

The Trade Desk is a high-growth SaaS company. The company has a good balance sheet and a strong brand. A good reputation helps the company attract new customers. Moreover, its products are of high quality. Its services are competitively priced.