Iquitos, Peru – The Perfect Base For Your Iquitos Amazon Tour


If you’re visiting Peru to explore the Amazon jungle, Iquitos is an ideal starting point. This vast city lies at the confluence of three rivers, Nanay, Itaya, and Amazonas, with various activities available here. Guide on Iquitos Amazon tour.

Iquitos offers numerous Amazon tours, featuring visits to monkey island, dancing with local communities, boat trips on rivers, and rainforest hiking.

Visit the Museum of Indigenous Amazon Cultures

The Museum of Indigenous Amazon Cultures should be on any Iquitos Amazon tour itinerary. Boasting one of the largest collections of Amazonian artifacts focusing on Peru’s Amazon region.

The museum features artworks from more than 40 indigenous cultures, highlighting their traits, traditions, and beliefs in an organized and intuitively presented exhibition.

Discovering the various tribes in the Amazon is made easy here with free entry and many educational displays to keep visitors enthralled.

Furthermore, museum staff sends photos of their collection via mobile phones to Amazon elders to update and better understand what is in their collections. This enables Amazon elders to build up and expand their more efficiently collections more efficiently.

Make time for a boat ride to Belen, an authentic floating village on the Itaya River that boasts its unique ambiance. Additionally, Belen provides fresh produce such as cilantro and ginger, which makes an excellent purchase opportunity.

Take a boat trip

Travelers looking for an exciting and unforgettable adventure should embark on a boat tour through Iquitos to experience this remarkable river journey, allowing them to observe different species in the Amazon rainforest and its towering trees.

Slow boats are one of the most famous exploration methods on the Amazon River, accommodating up to 30 passengers at once and providing an efficient means of touring this lush jungle region.

Your boat tour of the Amazon jungle will bring you through many villages and communities inhabited by natives; here is where you’ll meet local people and learn more about their traditions.

Jungle safaris with boats allow you to discover the Amazon rainforest. These robust boats allow for effortless current navigation, providing ample opportunity to spot various forms of wildlife like pink dolphins, monkeys, and river turtles!

Hike in the rainforest.

Iquitos offers visitors an exceptional opportunity to discover the rainforest. In addition, many companies provide jungle tours that take tourists into its heart.

These trips typically involve hiking through the rainforest and spotting wildlife before staying at a jungle lodge – perfect for experiencing and appreciating Amazonian nature! Others offer camping or boat excursions; choose which option best meets your needs.

The rainforest is home to an extraordinary variety of creatures, many of which can only be found there. For instance, Uakari monkeys and giant spider monkeys live unhindered lives deep within the canopy.

Iquitos are best visited during its wet season (December to May), although you’ll still see many impressive plants and animals throughout the year. Additionally, rain helps raise water levels in the rainforest, allowing more boat excursions during wetter times than during dry ones.

Explore the city

While in Iquitos, don’t miss the chance to explore this vibrant jungle city. It is fun relaxing under a palm tree and people-watching and offers numerous stunning sights to be seen.

On display here are many gorgeous colonial buildings, such as the lavish and ornately decorated mansions built during the rubber boom’s barons’ residences. Most examples can be found along the boulevard behind Plaza de Armas; locals frequent this spot too!

If you’re interested in experiencing traditional Amazonian handicrafts, visit a local market. It will allow you to purchase unique souvenirs produced locally and is a fantastic way to support local communities in Iquitos.

As part of your Iquitos Amazon tour, visit the Amazon Rescue Center to witness first-hand all its volunteers do to save and rehabilitate wildlife. Booking with reputable tour companies online makes this activity convenient.

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