Is It The Time To Replace Your Furnace?

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Almost everyone has made promises to improve themselves in the new year. However, in order to improve our life, we must occasionally let go of some things and move on.

Your furnace could be one of those elements. It served its purpose well, but now may be better to replace it. Your furnace is among your apartment’s most vital systems, as well as one of the most expensive hardware to replace.

As they are so efficient and fuel efficient, furnaces are the most used heating system in Canada. As a response, owners may worry how long they can expect their furnace to last.

Installing a furnace is a monumental task with such a hefty price tag, but with the help of a competent furnace installation service, it may be a smart investment.

Do you really need a new furnace? How would you determine whether it has to be repaired or replaced entirely? Let’s have a look.

How Long Does A Good Quality Furnace Last?

There really is no such thing as an eternal furnace. The average unit lasts 15 to 20 years.

Furthermore, there is no way to predict when a unit will expire while assessing it. What you can do is just be cautious as the furnace approaches the end of its lifespan. If the furnace was installed by a prior owner, it may be difficult to tell how long it has been there.

If you have one, look through it. Otherwise, take a photo of the unit and send it to the firm that made it. Let’s be clear: replacing a perfectly working furnace just because it’s old is a bad idea.

Having known its age, though, may assist put any quality issues into context.

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Replace My Furnace?

You would not want to put it on hold until your furnace breaks down totally before replacing it. This might occur in the depths of winter, abandoning you without a means of heating your house.

Here are several indicators that it’s time to consider upgrading.

  • Repairs to the furnace are necessary on a regular basis, and they get more expensive as time passes.
  • The furnace makes strange noises like crackling or rumbling.
  • The furnace is spewing dirt, smoke, or corrosion, particularly around the register.
  • The furnace’s on/off cycle becomes increasingly frequent.
  • The heat exchanger has developed a fracture.
  • Your home is poorly heated, with some areas being warmer than others.
  • You notice that the relative humidity in your apartment is increasing.

Some of these red flags may simply suggest that upkeep or repair is required. When they start to mount up at the end of the appliance’s lifespan, though, it may be time to replace the furnace completely.

Final Thoughts

It’s crucial to establish a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere at home, whether it’s for cold, wet fall days or snowstorms in the winter. Proper repair and regular check-ups can extend your furnace’s lifespan and also improve efficiency.

However, if your present gas furnace is not keeping you warm this winter, it may be time to replace it.

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