Is Your Wood Bracelet fake?


In a recent study done by the University Of Houston, they showed that most wooden bracelets use fake wood. This is better known as “Faux wood.” Faux wood is a combination of wood and other non-essentials.
These techniques are all the same for every wood bracelet. Whether you have a
monk wood bracelet or a Buddhist wood bracelet. These ways have been proven
scientifically, and we would love to share them with you guys.

Fake wood can cause serious damage to one’s health. It can cause allergies, Headaches, Skin reactions, and even more. Faux would tend to have chemicals within, this leaves
the potential of it to cause all the things we listed above. You might have a
serious reaction to it without knowing. You can even wake up and see that your
arm is red. For more information Click here.

There are multiple ways of identifying a fake wood bracelet and we would love to help. Checking the color is one of the most common ways. A wood bead should stay the way it is
unless it is supposed to change over time. These woods are like Agarwood,
Sandalwood, and many more. Real wood usually has a soft and smooth feeling to
it and should not feel rough on the hand.

When scratching the bracelet, you should notice that the color SHOULD NOT change. If the bead turns into another color, it means it has
an extremely high chance of being a fake. There is one last option. This is the
most complex. However, this is a guaranteed and promised way to check. This is
called “DNA testing.” Wood has DNA like humans, the DNA is in every cell of the
wood and cannot be faked. There are a number of companies using these
techniques to make sure their bracelets are real and authentic. DNA testing wood is the best way to test if your wood bracelet is authentic Is not. You can test your wooden bracelet here.

There are hundreds of ways to tell if a Buddhist wood Bracelet, Monk bracelet, or wood bracelet is real. However, the 5 methods are the most common and have been used to test
if all bracelets all real. Finding types of wood bracelets is already hard
enough. However, buying them is even more of a challenge. A lot of people will
want to buy it as well. Not only that, but the price of a bracelet is also extremely high, and people will pay double what it’s worth. With these simple steps, we should you above you will be able
to identify if your bracelets are real or not.

Wood bracelets are getting quite common and fake wood bracelets are getting even more common. A study showed that 9/10 bracelets are
fake, and that number is rising every day. Having a true wooden bracelet is
like having a gem. However, make sure you verify your gem is real or not. Go
ahead and check if wooden beads are really not. Are they?