Jackson River Credit Union


Credit unions differ from banks in that their focus is to serve members rather than to make money for shareholders, which often results in better rates on loans and savings products as well as reduced fees for customers.

Forbes and Statista conducted a national survey with 31,000 Americans to select the top banks and credit unions across each state. We focused on regional institutions by excluding large nationwide institutions to highlight regional options.

Personal Banking

Jackson River Community Credit Union (JRCCU) provides banking and financial services to individuals in Alleghany, Bath, and Covington in Virginia, as well as their surrounding area. Offering savings and checking account options as well as mortgage and auto loans with convenient online and mobile banking tools that make managing finances simple wherever life may lead you.

Credit unions typically offer lower deposit and loan rates and fees than banks. Furthermore, their more intimate approach often means better relationships between themselves and their members as they tend to operate locally or regionally, serving specific communities. Furthermore, many credit unions support charitable donations or volunteer efforts within their local area.

JRCCU’s mobile banking service is free for its members; however, its developer may collect information on how you use their app; details are found in their terms of service agreement. In order to use the app securely and create your JRCCU username/password, a combination will need to be entered first before starting to use the service.

Business Banking

The credit union offers savings and checking accounts to local businesses as well as loans to assist their development and expansion. Established in 1953 and located in Covington, Virginia, 17 individuals work there, and seven board members oversee its operation.

JRCCU business checking accounts offer Bounce Back Protection as a service that helps prevent bounced checks by providing a limited number of “courtesy returns.” Please refer to additional terms and conditions of this service, which is subject to fees charged by the credit union.

Jackson River Community Credit Union is a state-chartered credit union serving Alleghany, Bath, and Covington Counties, as well as Covington itself, along with their families and employees. Regulated by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

The Credit Union Texas Ratio (CRTR) measures the proportion of loans and assets at risk relative to reserves available, providing a key indicator of health within an institution. NCUA mandates all insured credit unions to file quarterly (5300) data reports, which feed directly into BestCashCow data displays.

Online Banking

Jackson River Credit Union provides banking services, including checking and savings accounts, loans, mortgages, and auto loans. They also offer various online and mobile banking tools to assist their members with managing their finances more efficiently while providing financial education courses to their members.

Jackson River Community Credit Union provides traditional banking services as well as business banking options to both individuals and businesses in Covington, Virginia, and the surrounding area. Companies can open checking and savings accounts with us while taking advantage of competitive loan rates for loans or financial products such as investments. Our services are offered both individually and corporately.

Jackson River Credit Union caters its banking services specifically to meet the needs of its members. They offer checking, savings, and money market accounts with competitive interest rates as well as convenient online and mobile banking services for their members. In addition, personal loans and home equity lines of credit are also offered by this credit union.

Credit unions are member-owned non-profit organizations that provide essential services to people and businesses in their local areas. Operating under a state charter and subject to regulation by the National Credit Union Administration, our local credit union currently boasts more than 15,000 members with assets exceeding $850 Million, in addition to being NCUA insured.


Jackson River Credit Union strives to offer members convenient ATM access. Our network includes surcharge-free ATMs across Michigan, and membership in the CO-OP network allows free use of these ATMs located on college campuses, near Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, and throughout other cities. Furthermore, Jackson River Credit Union offers a mobile app that makes checking balances and transferring funds more accessible from anywhere around Michigan or even further away.

Jackson River Community Credit Union operates with a state charter and is overseen by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). Their TOM code is 99, and membership is open to anyone living within Virginia as well as the immediate family of existing members. Their Low Moor Branch can be found at Westvaco Road in Low Moor.

Credit unions offer various checking accounts and savings accounts designed to meet your specific needs, from checking accounts that allow you to earn interest on your money to savings accounts that help grow it for financial goals. Furthermore, many even provide additional services like bill pay and cashier’s checks!