Jillian Michaels Website Review: Great Interface, Better User Experience

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If you are a fitness enthusiast then you need to read this Jillian Michaels Website Review. The website which is run by the fitness guru, Jillian Micheals has all the essentials for anyone looking to use the web in their fitness journey. If you have not heard about Jullian Micheals then you need to check out the Jillian Micheals website.

She is an inspiration to millions and is the cover star for fitness. If you want to know more about her there is no better place than the Jillian Micheals website. In this Jillian Micheals website, we are going to be taking a look at whether it is worth the hype it has been getting. Here is Jillian Michaels Website Review.

Jillian Michaels Website Review


Jillian Michaels Website Review: The Highlights

Before we go on ad review the website the first thing that we have to look at is what exactly you are going to get from the site. The Jillian Micheals website has mainly four sections, namely the blog section, the transformation section, and the podcast section.

The Julian Micheals website is the full package right. All three sections are accessible on both mobile and desktop. This means that whether you are using mobile or using your mobile phone, you are going to have relentless access to all three sections.

Jillian Michaels Website Review: The podcast section has a full library of all the podcasts that Jillian Micheals has hosted in her career and the fact that you can access them with relative ease makes it over the top amazing. The podcasts provide wholesome content and will certainly set you out on the perfect pathway to fitness.

In terms of quality, the podcasts are amazing. Whether you decide to use a headset or a loudspeaker every word of the podcast will be comprehensible. That is one section that we certainly hope you try first.

The blog and transformation section is also quite a handful With dozens of transformations in high definition you will certainly get all the motivation you need to keep on the fitness journey. The blog section is also wholesome. With well-researched content and a pretty attractive flow, you will enjoy reading the posts. The fact that you can subscribe to the blog posts makes it even better,

Jillian Michaels Website Review

Jillian Micheals

Jillian Michaels Website Review: User Experience

In terms of user experience one thing that you will certainly notice when you get to the site, is the quality of the website. There are moving images and a lot of HD images, If you are using a slow browser you might have a bit of a problem but you will eventually get to the site. The fact that the website takes a bit of time to load on other browsers was a bit of turn off and we hope that will get fixed.

Jillian Michaels Website Review: Once you make it to the site, you are greeted with amazing pictures and navigation buttons. If you already have an account, you can easily use the log-in option to access your account. If you do not have an account yet, you can easily register for one using your email address.

If you have no interest in either option, you can access the blogs, recipes, forums, transformations, or podcasts. You can access all these straight from the homepage. This makes it one of the easiest websites to access and that is a huge pro.

Jillian Michaels Website Review

Jillian Micheals

Jillian Michaels Website Review: Customer Support

Jillian Michaels Website Review: In terms of customer support though for the website, there is a bit of a problem. There is no live chat option and the best way to get access to customer service is using the email or telephone number. These options both are a bit inefficient. This is one thing that you are certainly going to hate about the website.

In conclusion, if you are planning to use the Jillian Micheals website, you will certainly enjoy the experience.


Can you listen to Jillian Micheals podcasts on the Jillian Micheals website?

You can access the Jillian Micheals podcasts on the Jillian Micheals website

Can you access your Jillian Micheals account using the website?

Yes, you can log into your Jillian Micheals account usingthe website portal

Can you download the Jillian Micheals app from the website?

There is a direct link on the Jillian Micheals website that leads you to a site that allows you to download the official Jillian Micheals app

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