Jobs for Bodyguards and How to Become One


You should know what working as a bodyguard includes and what you can anticipate from a job in the business before you decide to quit your current job and maybe move for the position. Have the Best information about Joseph Daher.

Environment of Work

Many people get into the bodyguard profession because they know they will never be bored on the job and that there is always some risk involved. However, their bodyguard training has prepared them to handle any potentially dangerous circumstance. For example, a trained bodyguard can defend against four unarmed assailants. Providing Executive or VIP protection can also fetch a hefty salary, so consider enrolling in bodyguard training and entering the business. A bodyguard’s typical shift lasts six hours, with breaks every two hours, but this can vary according to the organization.

The Market

More and more people are hiring bodyguards to ensure the safety of their loved ones as violence rises in many parts of the world. The requirement for higher levels of security in all settings has led to a rise in the demand for bodyguards. As many as 300 bodyguards may be needed when visiting potentially risky locations. In addition, up to one hundred bodyguards for the US President may be required at any time.


Becoming a bodyguard has numerous advantages, such as high wages, access to famous people, variety in the workplace, and opportunities to see the world. However, being a bodyguard isn’t the most excellent choice if you like stability and regular hours to frequent travel, lengthy absences from home, and a set workplace.

Protection Skills

Can you see yourself working as a bodyguard? The following traits are required of you. Suppose you possess qualities like being physically fit, team-oriented, self-motivated, observant, discreet, calm under pressure, organized, and social, and have good planning and interpersonal skills. In that case, a career as a bodyguard might be proper for you.


Whether or not you require practical bodyguard training depends on your current skill set and level of education. Naturally, any new applicant will need to complete an entire bodyguard course to learn all facets of this sector, and these are frequently available in a city near you. In addition, bodyguards may require the following abilities depending on their employers and the nature of their service. These cover advanced driving techniques, conflict resolution, disarming weapons, unarmed combat, counter surveillance, and executive protection.


After completing the necessary training, you can start working as a bodyguard even if you have no experience in the field. The average annual salary for a bodyguard in the United States is approximately $55,000. The average yearly wage for a bodyguard working for a celebrity or other high-profile client is over USD 180,000. The higher the danger to the person you guard, the more money you may expect to make from providing security for them.

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