Is Kids Academy of Woodstock has the Best Daycare Facility?

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Kids Academy of Woodstock is a facility provided by primary purpose of daycare is to supervise the child of professional parents who have no time to take care of their child because of their work. So, daycare provides a facility for these kids. 

Kids Academy of Woodstock is such a facility for these children. It is a child care academy for children with age groups of 0-12 years. Academy of Woodstock is a centre-based academy that accepts child care subsidies. 

This academy also has a school-age summer school. The fundamental goal of this academy is to enhance children’s activities and imagination. It helps your children to produce happiness, intelligence, and OK adjustment in any situation. The environment of the Kids Academy of Woodstock is nurturing and educational.

Exclusive Features of Kids Academy of Woodstock

●      Kids Academy of Woodstock provides professional care for children of age groups of 0-12 years. The minimum age for this academy is at least six months. 

●      Kids Academy of Woodstock will help children to learn social skills. The professional teachers and supervisors will help the kids to learn several social skills. 

●      Kids Academy of Woodstock provides a clean and educational environment. This will help the kids to nurture good education with safety. 

●      Kids Academy of Woodstock is reliable as well as an affordable daycare facility. Reliability is the most important thing for any daycare as parents drop their kids here for several hours. 

● The Staff of Kids Academy are well qualified and dedicated to all the children. They are very professional and helpful too. 

●      Academy of Woodstock provides a well-structured, child-centric, and age-specific curriculum. This makes it the best academy for children of age groups of 0-12 years. 

Stunning Deals provided by Kids Academy of Woodstock

There are several deals provided by Academy of Woodstock, which has been listed here:

1 . For one week

Kids Academy provides a deal for one week of care for your kids for just $155. This deal includes all the facilities of this daycare. You don’t have to worry about your child’s education and proper care in age groups of 0-12 years. 

2 . Child care classes

Kids Academy Woodstock provides five drop-in child care classes for all the kids of age groups of 0-12 years. This includes professional care classes from qualified and experienced teachers. This deal costs $ 250.

3 . For one month

Kids Academy Woodstock provides a deal of one month of child care for just $355. It includes all the facilities of this child care. 

These deals are purchased individually for every kid. The promotional value of the purchase will expire after 120 days, but the amount will never expire. 

Location of Kids Academy Woodstock

It is located at 6508 Commerce Parkway of Woodstock. 

Timing of Kids academy Woodstock

On the weekdays, it is open, but on Sunday, it is closed. 

Sunday – closed

Monday to Friday – 6 am to 11 pm.

Saturday – 7 pm to 6 am


Kids Academy of Woodstock is one of the best daycare academies in Woodstock. It has all the best facilities and factors that make its place at the top of the list. This academy prioritizes the requirements of parents. This academy’s location is also good, with less neighbouring noise and located in a less crowded area. It is an ideal, clean and safe academy of Woodstock. 


Do Kids Academy of Woodstock open on Sunday?

No, Kids Academy of Woodstock does not work on Sunday. It is an off day for this academy.

Does Kids Academy of Woodstock have a valid operating license?

Yes, Kids Academy of Woodstock has a valid operating license.

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