Kids Party Characters For Hire


Adding costumed character entertainers to any event can add an extra special touch. From children’s birthday parties to corporate affairs, children will love seeing their favorite characters come alive! Select the best party characters near Dallas.

Some companies offer packages that combine various services, such as games, crafts, and interactive story time, into one comprehensive experience. Furthermore, some professional actors even become their characters from start to finish!


Children love seeing their favorite characters come alive! Superheroes make an excellent addition to any kid’s party; they can interact with children, pose for photos, and lead a few games and activities! Not only are superheroes excellent birthday party entertainment options, but they can also bring an element of magic and wonder to family-friendly events such as fairs, festivals, or community gatherings.

Children love superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, and Captain America! They can enjoy playing games, singing songs, and dancing along to superheroes’ moves; joining in mini battles between heroes and villains; learning some signature moves or stunts of these famous figures; as well as being part of any kid’s costume parade! Giving your little ones a superhero kit, including black licorice/bat cookies/silly string/Pop Rock candy Kryptonite/neon green marshmallows, would surely delight their minds! These kits will indeed become hits among children!


Princesses make an ideal addition to any children’s party. Little girls especially adore having their favorite princess characters visit and play with them. Additionally, princesses can assist children in cutting the cake or dancing together with them at celebrations; some even know how to paint faces!

Princesses make great party guests for any themed celebration—whether superhero-related or Disney princess-related! With their timeless appeal and amazing versatility, princesses are guaranteed to keep kids enthralled while also entertaining both their parents.

Costumed actors provide an unforgettable experience for guests at any party; hire them now and you won’t regret it! Characters available range from Elmo Characters, Thomas the Train Characters, Yo Gabba Gabba Characters, and PJ Mask Characters; all perfect ways to turn any birthday party into an enchanting fairytale experience!


Bring pirates to your child’s birthday party, which is a surefire way to guarantee they have an exciting, memorable, and thrilling day! These mix-and-mingle entertainers offer family stage shows that feature everything from sword fighting sequences to parrot tricks!

Jack invites all of the children and holds a “Pirate Tutorial,” where he instructs them on how to use their swords. Afterward, there will be an epic sword-fighting championship between Jack and the birthday child to determine who will emerge as the party champ!

At your party, he will lead children on a pirate treasure hunt and offer face painting services from our talented artists. Your child can choose their favorite character among a selection of princess and pirate characters to make this memorable event even more so for themselves, their friends, and all your guests! Bringing one or more special characters will create lasting memories for both children and guests at your celebration!

Holiday Characters

No matter if it is Halloween, Christmas, or another holiday, children love celebrating in costume! Their joy can only be measured by seeing their hero walk into the party—a surefire way of making everyone happier than ever!

Holiday characters have long been celebrated icons. E-Score’s Appeal and Extendibility scores reveal that some of the top kids’ characters also rank highly with adults; Bumble the Abominable Snowman ranks highly with both Funny and Cool categories for kids while tied with Santa Claus in terms of Extendibility.

Every holiday party deserves to feature Santa and Mrs. Claus at its center! Rent this iconic duo for your next celebration.

Non-Mascot Characters

Attracting children’s party guests by inviting a beloved character from a film or book will indeed create an unforgettable memory that they will carry with them throughout life. Children will often become excited at meeting their favorite and want pictures taken with them as mementos of their special event, something which will remain with them long after.

Mascot Performers at our events are highly skilled experts in providing captivating entertainment to children of all ages. They have years of experience greeting hundreds of guests and maneuvering up and down stairs while staying on schedule during breaks between performances.

An active one-hour mascot party entails welcoming the birthday celebrant and their friends into a character-costumed event before engaging them in various fun activities. These activities vary depending on your entertainer and may include Freeze Dance, Duck Duck Goose, Hot Potato, Red Light Green Light Limbo, Musical Chairs, etc. When possible, the entertainers will customize these games around the character they are working with.


This category showcases a selection of non-mascot characters that will bring joy and entertainment to any special occasion. With costumes in an assortment of styles and games that will entertain children, these non-mascot characters are sure to keep visitors amused for hours on end!

Children love having their favorite character from movies, TV shows, or books attend their birthday party – this experience will stick with them throughout life! It will remain one of the most unforgettable aspects of their special day and one they won’t soon forget!

Recent clown sightings across the nation have only increased fears. While clowns may often bring laughter and joy, some people suffer from coulrophobia (fear of clowns).

As a parent, it’s always best to initiate conversations about scary or alarming tales that might cause their children distress or anxiety. Doing this will teach your kids that there is no reason for them to fear people doing their jobs properly.