Is the Kids Ville Academy will be the better choice for your child?

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Kids Ville Academy is a Pearson Edexcel Approved Center. Its main motive is to provide excellence in academics. It covers the Crèche, Nursery, Primary and High School. It has a dedicated and qualified team of academic and non-academic staff. 


It gives great value to the community, learning, and fun. They have strong foundations, and you can feel very confident that the Kids Ville Academy provides the children with a great start in life. The academy’s slogan is “Take on the challenge! Climb the mountain!”.


Life is not just about only learning. It is essential to share the bond, love, and the friendship that makes us a family. And, in all the aspects of parents, the Kids Ville Academy is on the top list. 


Why should you choose the Amazing Kids Ville Academy?

There are several reasons to choose Kids Ville Academy, but Here I will discuss a few. 


1 . Computer-Aided Learning

Ø With these excellent features, your kids can learn a particular subject with a computer program’s assistance. This will help kids to understand the topic more clearly and in a fun way. Also, Kids Ville have animated video for all subjects.


2 . Active Learning Environment

Ø Kids Ville Academy provides collaborative learning spaces that mainly encourage student collaboration in projects. Active Learning environment allows the student to express their projects by peers and instructors. 


3 . Low student-teacher ratio

Ø The low student-teacher ratio is the best feature of any academy or school. Students need to get more attention from the teachers. It will also help in maintaining one-to-one attention in the classroom.


4 . Creative Co-Curricular Activities

Ø Kids Ville Academy organizes various co-curricular activities. To maintain the study and fun balance, it is necessary to organize such events. 


5 . 24/7 Electricity

Ø Electricity is a fundamental need for every school academy. Smart-classes, Computer labs, and many of the school’s work you can’t even imagine doing without electricity. So, for all these to consider, Kids Ville Academy provides you with 24/7 time electricity. 

Admission and Age Requirement Details of the Impressive Kids Ville Academy


Nursery & Primary Section

For admission into the nursery, your child must be of 2 years by the time of entry. And, for the primary section, your child must be of a minimum of 5 years.


·        You need to fill and submit some documents which are:

Child’s birth certificate.

Immunization records for Nursery section.

Payments receipt for admission form.

Readiness tests for Nursery & Primary child


High School Section

Your child must be of a minimum of 11 years for admission into high school and must be passed the 6th grade previously. Your child has to give the entrance exam for access to high school. You have to collect the admission form from the counter and submitted it before the entrance exam. 


· You need to fill and submit some documents which are:

Marksheet of 6th grade

Address Proof

Transfer Certificate of previous academy or school


If you are willing to get admission to Kids Ville Academy, you must follow these guidelines properly.



By the end of this blog, we understand how the Ville Academy will be the better choice for your child. From academics to facilities, laboratories, and playgrounds, all are well-equipped with modern technologies. Give your child a better future and do register for admission to Ville Academy.


Does Kids Ville Academy take direct admission without entrance test?

No, the Kids Ville Academy doesn't take the admission from direct admission.

Does the Kids Ville Academy conduct PTM ( Parent Teacher Meetings )?

Yes, the Kids Ville Academy conduct PTM on a half-yearly basis.


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