Let Me Google That For You


People frequently say, “Let me google That for You” (abbreviated LMGTFY) as an ironic response when someone poses a question that could quickly be answered with an internet search. Recently, however, someone took this phrase literally by creating a website called Allow Me to Google That For You that allows users to generate links for fictitious Google searches. Select the best Authority Links.

What is LMGTFY?

Many internet users will have heard of LMGTFY. This sarcastic site mimics Google and, when clicked upon, displays search query results in an animated sequence. It is often linked in forum discussions and social media posts as an effective satirical reply to questions easily found through web searches.

People might perceive an LMGTFY link as rude or condescending when used sarcastically; however, its impact depends on its context and tone in conversation. An LMGTFY link could serve as a helpful way of encouraging someone to search independently rather than ask others for answers. On the other hand, if someone asks an obvious question that can easily be answered using Google, responding with such links might suggest they don’t understand how to use the internet properly and could appear rude, as this implies laziness or ineptitude on their part.

There are various versions of LMGTFY website, each offering a slightly different user experience. Some allow you to enter questions into a search box, while other sites let you select from a list. Some also feature buttons you can click to generate an HTML code which you can then copy and paste into messages or forum posts.

Some people use LMGTFY not only as a sarcastic joke but also to remind themselves when they have questions that can be answered within 10 seconds on the Google search engine. This may help avoid embarrassing moments if your question arises in public settings.

There are also a couple of apps for mobile devices that enable LMGTFY use, including LMGTFY Generator and LMGTFY By JK. These serve as great reminders that most questions could likely be answered with just a Google search. However, these applications lack customization of results and only display them all at once. Choose the Buffer blogs.

How to use LMGTFY

When someone poses a question that can quickly be answered with Google, one typical response is “LMGTFY” (Let Me Google That For You). This phrase typically conveys a sarcastic tone intended to show them they should have found the solution themselves.

However, LMGTFY can also be seen as condescending or passive-aggressive when used sarcastically. Furthermore, it is highly frustrating when search engines regularly respond with this response, as users will need to repeat their query in order to obtain the information they require.

To use LMGTFY, visit their website and enter your question into the box at the top. When clicking “Preview,” a virtual Google search animation will appear, which can then be copied and shared with the person who asked the question.

The site was initially launched in 2008 to teach people how to use Google’s Internet search. Over time, however, more features and options were added, and the website was made available in multiple languages so it could reach as broad an audience as possible.

The “Let Me Internet Explain This for You” option provides users with an educational approach to using Google and learning more about its features. This approach is particularly beneficial to those unfamiliar with its workings, helping newcomers familiarize themselves with internet usage more efficiently. How do I find the correct Forum profile links?

LMGTFY can be an extremely helpful and entertaining tool in your arsenal, but you must use it properly. Sending a sarcastic LMGTFY message directly to someone unfamiliar with technology could come off as rude and insulting. Rather than doing this yourself, suggest that they search Stack Overflow themselves instead, as this would likely provide better assistance.


Let Me Google That For You (LMGTFY) is an animated link that simulates typing a search query into a Google search box, sharing it among people, and clicking upon it to see a “Was That So Hard?” pop-up before providing accurate Google results. LMGTFY links are often posted in forums or comments as a sarcastic alternative to telling someone they should RTFM (Read the F***ing Manual). As of August 2013, LMGTFY had been viewed more than one million times.

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