Lifestyle Trader Review – Rob Wilson, Murray Priestley, and Greg Secker

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lifestyle trader reviewIs Bitcoin Lifestyle a scam, or is it a legit way to make money? Let’s find out in this Lifestyle Trader review. We also take a look at the other popular cryptocurrency trading programs. This Bitcoin lifestyle review will cover Rob Wilson, Murray Priestley, and Greg Secker. Let’s see if these programs are worth signing up for. Which one is the best? Listed below are some of the pros and cons of each one.

Rob Wilson

A recent Rob Wilson Lifestyle trader review points out that this program’s creators cannot be trusted. They have been known to rip people off, and this time is no exception. The program’s creators are Australians Rob Wilson and Murray Priestley. Despite being out of favor with Australian authorities, the two have continued to operate online. They are now behind such programs as Alpha Asset Managers and Connect Private Wealth. Sadly, Wilson and Priestley are no longer operating in Australia, and their activities have shifted overseas.

While this program is easy to follow and may even provide a few small returns, it’s also important to note that it is still under scrutiny by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Murray Priestley, Rob’s right-hand man, is a well-known scammer and has already been banned by ASIC. The Lifestyles Group has also been subject to numerous investor complaints and is under ASIC scrutiny. However, Rob Wilson’s program promises to train you to trade effectively, using a simple course requiring no analysis and effort. The only catch is that his course costs over $14000. That’s a lot of money for nothing.

Murray Priestley

If you’re considering signing up for Murray Priestley’s lifestyle trader program, then you’ve probably heard about his company’s shoddy and questionable business practices. Murray Priestley, a former Coober Pedy opal miner, described himself as a “paymaster” to the program’s clients, which meant he received a percentage of each client’s profits. But unfortunately, the company’s chief executive, Murray Priestley, was caught defrauding investors by engaging in dishonest conduct and offering misleading advice.

Greg Secker

The cheesy name and shady business model of Lifestyle traders may turn off some investors, but forex is a potentially lucrative venture if you have the time and money to lose. Although Greg Secker’s reputation as a world-renowned trading educator is undoubtedly impressive, the program fails to deliver on its promises. While Greg Secker claims to have ‘educated’ more than two million people worldwide, his millions were not earned from forex trading. The website also hints that even novice traders can learn to trade in two hours.

SmartCharts software is required to execute trades. The system has built-in learning modules by Greg Secker, but you will be locked into the broker of Capital Index, which is CySEC-regulated. Capital Index’s spreads are almost double those of other brokers, which makes the software a poor fit for non-affiliated traders. This system has other downsides, and they may not be worth the price.

While Greg Secker is an impressive millionaire, the program is not worth your time or money. Instead, it’s an abomination. It’s a scam that takes advantage of the vulnerable. The scammers are after your hard-earned money, and Greg Secker is one of them. He’s a con artist who can exploit the financially naive to sell their products. So unless you are willing to learn to trade, don’t fall for his ‘livelihood training.’

The Trading Webclass claims to provide detailed information on Forex trading, but it’s just another marketing scheme. In addition, it also promotes Greg Secker’s trading platform, SmartCharts, at the cost of $70 per month. Although the course is called Lifestyle Trader, it’s still not equivalent to a twenty-hour trader. The program also offers several other training courses that are more than worth the price.

Another feature of the Greg Secker Lifestyle trader program is its long webinar. This program promises to provide a laundry list of Forex trading tips and strategies matched to your personality and trading style. To find out your trading style, you should listen to the strategy call. During the webinar, you’ll learn about trends and challenges in the market. Using this knowledge will make you more profitable in the long run.

Bitcoin Lifestyle

We’ve all seen the advertisements for trading robots. In a Lifestyle trader review, we’ve noticed that their interface appears to be as user-friendly as a software program designed for beginners. The interface is, of course, not impressive, but then again, neither is the experience of trading robots. That being said, let’s look at this software robot’s features to see if it’s worth the hype.

First, Bitcoin Lifestyle uses a simple, user-friendly platform to enable its users to trade for free. This means there are no commissions, deposits, or ongoing subscription fees. As a result, you can deposit a minimum of $250 and then test your strategies in the real markets with zero risk. It’s also worth noting that this broker claims to be completely free to use, which is another plus. Most brokers charge a commission per trade and withdrawal and deposit fees. However, you can start trading at a minimum deposit of $250.

Another feature to look for is good customer support. Many scam trading robots break the news to attract users. For example, the bitcoin lifestyle trader claims to have round-the-clock support. However, its website doesn’t have a complaint form. There’s no live customer support at all, just an online form. This can be a red flag for a scam trading robot, which is exactly what a Bitcoin lifestyle trader is.

The Bitcoin Lifestyle trader software allows novice and experienced investors to trade in the Bitcoin market. It uses the best Bitcoin metrics to help newcomers and experts maximize their profits online. Several online forums have featured this software, and many users have reported making good profits. However, you should know that the trading market is a risky one. Therefore, proper risk management is vital to keep your investment portfolio profitable and avoid falling into a loss trap.

Lastly, it would help if you were wary of any software endorsed by a famous person. While it is true that a successful trading robot may convince some people, the truth is that these testimonials are not genuine. The same people who endorse one software may be promoting another scam robot. So, what should you do? Keep reading this Lifestyle trader review to decide for yourself if it is worth the investment.

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