Luggage Tracker Australia


Various luggage tracker options have emerged as travelers seek ways to protect their luggage. Some use GPS, while others utilize mobile phone networks. Have the Best information about pet tracker.

One option for luggage tracking is a small tracker that fits comfortably into luggage, backpacks, or handbags without taking up much room. Equipped with an international SIM card and offering real-time tracking and Geofencing alerts – such devices provide real peace of mind.

Invoxia Real-Time GPS Tracker

For monitoring cars, luggage, or valuables with GPS technology, the Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker is an excellent solution. Utilizing 4G cell technology, its location will be transmitted directly to your smartphone app via 4G wireless technology. It has features such as motion and tilt detection, geofencing, and a rechargeable battery! Investing in this tracker from Invoxia can protect belongings against theft and monitor loved ones on the go!

The Invoxia LongFi GPS Tracker is an easy and cost-effective tracking solution without monthly subscription fees, designed for most mobile networks and equipped with a micro USB cable for charging. Its small size makes it suitable for placement almost anywhere, while accurate GPS tracking reaches up to 60 feet. Invoxia LongFi includes a button that sends emergency notifications directly to your phone while simultaneously activating its proximity radar for more precise positioning; optional automatic location updates every five minutes or two hours can also be set accordingly.

Once your tracker is fully charged, pairing it with your smartphone through Bluetooth allows for seamless use. The app is user-friendly and intuitive, and once connected, you can view a map with its current location and history of movement – you can even switch between standard and satellite views of the map to focus on it more precisely. Furthermore, additional options such as zone alerts and changing its update frequency are included within it.

The Invoxia tracker comes equipped with a standby mode that helps save battery power by temporarily pausing updates and notifications for an extended period. This feature has proven very beneficial during my tests – this tracker lasted days without charging!

Logixtar Daily Tracker

Logixtar is a two-part luggage tracker that uses GPS or cellular signals to provide minute-by-minute updates on your gear’s movements. A device acts as a beacon inside your bag while the app provides status reports and maps detailing where your luggage resides.

Logixtar Daily Trackers provide advanced real-time location-sharing capabilities with features like customizable geofence boundaries, one year of historical data storage, an SOS button, and Overspeed alerts – plus long battery lives that last weeks of constant movement! – making them suitable for real-time location sharing.

This luggage tag is among the smallest and lightest on our list, featuring an ultra-compact design that makes it easy to hide away in daypacks or checked bags. Offering no monthly fees and lifetime hardware warranty coverage, this tracker makes finding your gear fast a snap.

Dynotag Smart ID

Dynotag Smart ID luggage trackers are among the most sought-after products due to their ease of setup and use. Their durable construction means that this tracker stays attached securely even during flights or being handled by airport personnel.

No smartphone app is required to operate this tag; instead, its unique web address allows access from any computer or mobile device and includes the option for password protection of data stored. Its unique tag number also facilitates easy identification.

The Dynotag is also an ideal option for families traveling together, as it allows users to keep track of multiple bags and cases – something checked-in luggage often becomes lost or misplaced during travel. Furthermore, TSA-safe and maintenance-free features ensure no risks of damage during flights or transit are presented by this option.

This GPS-free luggage tracker offers an inexpensive yet more reliable alternative than its GPS counterparts since it doesn’t rely on cell networks or satellites for tracking purposes. Its design makes it simple and user-friendly even for technologically challenged travelers.

The Dynotag luggage tag allows users to track their baggage online without linking it with an app on their phone. It is ideal for business travelers who don’t wish to carry large phones or laptops while attending meetings. Available in several neutral colors with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and helpful support teams in the US and Europe for assistance, its advanced DynoIQ features can also be found here globally.

GEGO Luggage Tracker

GEGO offers one of the most reliable luggage trackers for tracking your baggage. Combining GSM and Bluetooth technology, this device gives minute-by-minute updates and instant alerts if your baggage moves too quickly or far from you. Furthermore, it has a SIM card and a magnetic attachment to attach to any bag or luggage tag to track its location.

The GEGO app is easy to use and provides valuable information about your bag, such as its battery status. It displays a map with all tagged devices in real time; clicking their names lets you check the battery status. Furthermore, multiple Safe Zone locations can be set up, and you receive notifications whenever your bag moves within or outside one of these zones.

GEGO luggage trackers stand apart from other GPS luggage trackers by not requiring data plans or roaming services on your phone to work. Their battery can last for three days on one charge and is water resistant, making it an excellent option for travelers traveling in wet or snowy climates.

The GEGO GPS Luggage Tracker is an upgraded version of LugLoc, featuring a sleek new design and increased battery life compared to its predecessor. TSA-compliant and using lithium batteries that are more energy-efficient than others on the market and smaller and sleeker than other luggage trackers on offer make this an upgrade worth investing in!

Its unique shape lets you fit it easily into almost any bag, and it has an easy USB-C cable for charging. Available in different colors and patterns to fit your style. Furthermore, its intuitive app provides several features for monitoring your bags, including luggage carousel alerts to notify you when your bag nears a conveyor belt.

This luggage tracker uses a global network to deliver location-based notifications in over 190 countries worldwide. Its SIM card is pre-installed, while its app offers various subscription packages – even one-month plans are available if you only want it during vacations!

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