Lypertek Tevi review– Extraordinary features to drool upon!

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The Lypertek Tevi review can be considered one of the best musical pair of actually true wireless earphones that you can easily choose if you are a music lover. The price range is below 10 K. the sound is unmistakable, open, well-balanced, and completely natural. It is also known for its balanced sonic signature and has a proper clinical approach to any sound. 


A detailed LypertekTevi review


Just if you already think you have the best earphones with you, suddenly you get the offer from Lypertek Tevi review. Though you might not have heard much about this brand, it will soon be famous because you get the best from this brand with a low price tag. It consists of USB-C type charging, good sound, long battery life, and everything else which the right earphone you dreamed about. You will get the best earbuds at an affordable price.


LypertekTevi review- price & availability 


Lypertek Tevi review needs to be adequately known when you are want to have good earbuds and that too, which are on sale now. You will get to purchase the earbuds at a very affordable rate, and it’s a good steal because good quality earphones might not be available at such a low rate. You will need to try hard to search for some better quality earphones to compete with this brand.


Design of the earphones


While talking about the Lypertek Tevi reviewthe main point to be discussed is the design of the earbuds. Both the ear and left earbuds come in a pill-shaped charging case and are placed in each slot magnetically. The issue is inbuilt with a battery in it. While pairing both the earbuds, it will take a different functionality. It would help if you paired them once, and from next time onwards, they can be paired automatically. It is also convenient to use and can be used as a Bluetooth headset for your calls.


Know about the battery life


In the Lypertek Tevi review, one thing which can’t be missed is its battery life. The main reason why it stands out from the crowd is its all acclaimed 70-hour battery life. The buds have 10 hours of battery life and the rest 6 hours in the pack. 

But, this only depends on how much you will spend hearing more audio. But more or less, this is an estimated battery life which it will provide.


What about its sound?

Lypertek Tevi review – Many people are trying to find perfect earbuds with sound for a long time, but these are not available. So this particular brand offers people a good quality of audio which you will drool upon. You will surely love it, and it will make you feel like a natural sound. It can also be able to challenge many other top-end brands with its fantastic audio quality.


Verdict as a whole

Lypertek Tevi review – Generally, people might not have caught with a new brand, but it is something different in the case of this brand. People will drool over the design, sounds, its aesthetic, and whatnot. So, it’s a worth buy for music lovers.

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Is Lypertektevi good?

In terms of audio and design, it is one of the best earbuds available online and that too wireless and the deal is crazy.

Are Lypertektevi waterproof?

It is wireless earbuds with a battery life of 70 hours and it is also a Bluetooth 5.0 earphones.

How you can upgrade these earphones?

You need to open the TEVI Upgrade APP in your Android phone, select your type of earbudsand then follow the steps.

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