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If you’re looking for a fashionable and luxurious coat, you may consider purchasing a Mackage coat. Made in Canada, these coats are made from real fur. However, they can be quite expensive. If you’re on a budget, there are some cheaper options available. However, you will still want to check out the features and prices of Mackage coats before making a final decision.

Mackage coats are made of real fur.

Mackage coats are made from real fur in China and Canada. They are stylish, comfortable, and sophisticated. They can be worn for every occasion. Made from the finest fabrics, Mackage coats are made to last. The outer shells are water-repellent and breathable, and the interior is insulated with Nano Down. These coats are perfect for colder weather.

Mackage has strict standards for the production of its outerwear. As a result, its products stand out in quality and performance and have undergone extensive research in laboratories and the real Canadian winter. Mackage is a brand known for its high-end coats, and its popularity is only growing.

Each Mackage coat is tailored to offer a specific benefit, such as extra warmth or softness. Many of these coats feature a rabbit-fur-lined collar that adds warmth and softness. These coats also feature ventilation eyelets in the armholes. Mackage is a brand that has won numerous design awards. It has become a favorite of shoppers and celebrities alike. Mackage coats are available in a wide range of colors and styles. The brand is popular in many fashion magazines and is an excellent option for a quality coat.

Mackage was founded in 1999 by Montreal-based designers Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan. The two started their brand with women’s outerwear and later expanded into men’s designs. It is a prestigious name in the world of contemporary outerwear. The brand is known for its luxurious down-filled jackets and leather jackets.

Mackage is sold in 26 markets worldwide, with six own-brand stores in the US. Mackage coats are sold at Harrods and several independent stores. The brand will launch a dedicated UK e-commerce site in September. Mackage started by making contemporary leather outerwear and later expanded into wool and down. Its distinctive coats and jackets have slim silhouettes and emphasize feminine outlines.

They are made in Canada.

Mackage is a Canadian brand that produces down-filled leather jackets for women and men. The company prides itself on premium designs and functionality. Its designs are inspired by the lifestyle of the people who use them. In addition to down jackets and leather jackets, the brand also produces a variety of wool coats.

The company’s founders believe that a jacket is not only an item of clothing but also an integral part of an outfit. Mackage is synonymous with warm, protective winter jackets, but it also makes equally gorgeous accessories such as leather handbags, cashmere scarves, and luxe kidskin gloves. Of course, their most famous coats are down coats and jackets.

A Mackage jacket can cost up to $1,050/PS790. The brand sells a variety of styles, including oversized and tailored coats. Mackage’s website also offers a sizing guide, which allows buyers to find the perfect fit. In addition, because Mackage uses the highest quality down feathers and fabric, their jackets are made to last.

The Kanuk brand was founded over 40 years ago and is well known in the winter landscape of Quebec. They have several parka models specially crafted to face the cold Quebec temperatures. Recently, the company has redesigned its lines and focused on quality and comfort. Their new collections are durable and comfortable and are designed to be fashionable throughout the winter.

The Ines parka is an iconic women’s parka made of 65 percent recycled materials. It is insulated with RDS-certified Canadian white duck down. This down is sourced from farms in Quebec and Alberta. The Ines parka is part of the Forward line, which is Bluesign certified and Global Recycle Standard certified.

They are expensive

Mackage is a luxury coat brand that competes with brands such as Canada Goose, Moncler, and Moose Knuckles. The brand has a reputation for delivering superior performance and quality, and its outerwear has been tested in both labs and the real Canadian winter. In addition, the brand focuses on marketing and storytelling to differentiate its products from the rest.

While Mackage coats are a luxury brand, they are also quite pricey. They’re worth every penny, though, since the quality is unsurpassed. This is a tested luxury brand favored by celebrities. However, the price tag can put some people off. So, it’s important to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck by comparing prices, quality, and customer service.

The average price tag for a Mackage coat is around $1,800. The brand’s jackets are made of high-quality down feathers and fabrics, which means they’re very warm and long-lasting. The brand produces different products under various names, including Mackage and RUDSAK. Some of these products are even comparable to Canada Goose jackets.

Mackage’s coats are available in several styles, including down and wool coats. Many come in solid neutral colors or chic prints. Mackage jackets are renowned for their classic styling and attention to detail. As a result, a Mackage jacket is a great investment for everyday use and outdoor sports. In addition to warm winter coats, the brand offers equally covetable accessories. The brand also produces leather handbags, cashmere scarves, and kidskin gloves. However, its down jackets are arguably its most famous products.

Mackage coats are expensive, but they are made of the highest quality. So whether you are shopping online or in person, choose a brand that offers the best quality and luxury. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself to a quality coat from this Canadian company.

They are stylish

Mackage coats are known for their attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. Their coats are made from the finest fabrics, with down feathers of the highest quality. As a result, their coats are durable and will stay in style for years to come. Mackage was founded in 1999 by Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan. The two designers first started designing together as children. Their friendship continued to grow during fashion school, and they eventually joined forces to create Mackage.

Mackage men’s coats are great for everyday wear and outdoor sports. The line includes lightweight down jackets, parkas, bombers, wool coats, and leather jackets. Some top sellers are the ADALI Down Coat with an Asiatic Raccoon Fur collar, Texcote Nano Down insulator, and windproof outer shell.

Mackage is a luxury lifestyle brand based in Montreal, Canada. Its new chief executive officer is Tanya Golesic. Eran Elfassy, the creative director, founded the brand. Mackage is renowned for its outerwear but has recently expanded its line to include ready-to-wear and footwear. It is also expanding its sustainability mission. It will unveil a new sustainability initiative by 2022.

The collection of Mackage coats is made from luxurious fabrics with an attention to detail. These coats create a slender, sleek silhouette. Mackage has both classic and contemporary designs. It also offers women’s bomber jackets and leather jackets. They are wardrobe staples for cool girls.

They are functional

If you are interested in buying a new coat for winter, you should consider purchasing a Mackage coat. These stylish coats are not only functional but also stylish. As a result, they are popular among NYC residents. Eran Elfassy founded Mackage in Montreal in 1999, and it has become an essential part of NYC winter wardrobes. Elfassy says he drew his inspiration from the leather industry and the ability to create high-quality pieces that combine fashion with functionality. The most popular variety of Mackage outwear is a down coat with fur or down.

The jackets from Mackage are made in Canada, China, and eastern Europe. They are made with genuine fur from animals like Asiatic raccoon and rabbit and are filled with duck down. The quality of these coats is unparalleled, and they have won numerous design awards. They are also popular among celebrities and shoppers alike. In addition, Mackage has seasonal sales where you can save up to 50% on all coats.

Mackage started by offering contemporary leather outerwear, but now it also offers wool and down-filled versions. They have even expanded their product line to include footwear. In addition, the brand’s sustainable mission is expanding with a new initiative to increase its impact on the environment. Mackage’s fall 2022 collection will feature a new sustainable initiative.

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