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Metallic epoxy floors offer an exceptional flooring option. Combining resin with metallic powder to produce stunning effects and color options, metallic epoxy flooring requires professional materials and experienced contractors for flawless, artistic results. To know more, check out

These beautiful floors are durable, antimicrobial, chemical resistant, and slip-resistant – ideal for showrooms, galleries, waiting rooms, and more!

Decorative Effects

Metallic epoxy floors add a modern and sophisticated touch to any room, giving it an art-deco aesthetic that transforms it into an imposing work of art. Durable yet low maintenance costs; unlike carpeting, they don’t trap dirt or moisture like carpet. Plus, they offer an easy wipe-down surface, ideal for hotel lobbies, restaurant foyers, showrooms, garages, and workshops.

Metallic epoxy flooring systems combine high-performance resins with metallic pigments for color and shimmer, creating beautiful reflective flooring material which changes colors when light hits it from different angles – known as pearlescence. Finally, a high gloss evident topcoat seals and protects it from heavy foot traffic and abrasion.

This type of floor comes in an array of colors and effects. Some are simple, such as a one-color metallic coating over the solid base coat. Others might incorporate more complex layers with multiple metallic pigments layered over a base coat. Your imagination is the only limit here!

Professional applicators use various tools and techniques before the epoxy cures to achieve stunning decorative effects. These may include spraying solvents into the uncured coating to disperse the metallic pigment. A leaf blower or notched squeegee may be used for rippled effects or drizzled or splatted metallic pigment onto base colors for unique color variations.

Once the base coat has been set, an installer can apply another metallic color. When mixing metallic powder pigment thoroughly before use, ensure its particles are dispersed evenly without sticking together to cause clumps in the finished floor surface. Furthermore, it is highly advised that an installer wears a dust mask when mixing metallic pigment.

Once the second coat of metallic pigment has been applied to epoxy, it can be sanded and coated with one of several performance urethane topcoats – these topcoats provide durable scratch-resistant surfaces and increased traction, making them suitable for areas that experience frequent foot traffic or heavy equipment use.


Metallic epoxy flooring materials offer many benefits, from being easily customizable and long-term durable, making unique floor designs possible, easy maintenance, and low cleaning requirements – making them a smart choice for commercial settings such as showrooms, offices, and restaurants.

Metallic floor coatings are comprised of epoxy resin mixed with metallic pigments to produce stunning visual effects, like the appearance of lava flowing or pearlescent designs. As a result, metallic floor coatings create gorgeous floors sure to impress customers, offering many colors and finishes suitable for any environment.

Metallic epoxy floors differ from solid color epoxy in that they can be customized using various color flakes and flecks to produce unique designs. Metallic epoxy is often chosen in retail environments to complement their brand aesthetic and is highly durable enough to stand up against heavy foot traffic and chemical spills.

Durability should be one of the top considerations when choosing an industrial epoxy floor. Metallic and flake epoxy floors come with various color coats that offer exceptional scratch and stain resistance; their low maintenance requirements mean they can easily be cleaned with mop or solvent cleaners.

Metallic epoxy offers another distinct advantage – being easily applied using brushes or spray cans to create various patterns on floors, such as lava flows, cloudy patterns, or even wavy designs. This feature adds visual interest and increases artistry within an environment. Brushes or solvents may achieve different visual effects, like lava flow patterns.

Metallic epoxy flooring is ideal for commercial floors as it offers an exceptional return on investment. This beautiful flooring adds aesthetic value, and its versatile nature allows it to be applied over various surfaces, including concrete, wood, and tiles.


Epoxy floors installed by professionals can last years when properly cared for. Not only are they highly durable, they can withstand heavy foot traffic and vehicle abrasion damage, they can handle chemical leakage as well as spills – and are easy to keep clean without harboring microbiological growth – which makes them the ideal choice for commercial kitchens and other environments with stringent hygiene standards.

Metallic epoxy floors can create stunning decorative effects ranging from lava-flowing to cloudy impacts, waves, and more. Each metallic epoxy floor can look different as each floor finish is achieved using other brushing techniques, solvents, and blowers; no two will ever look the same, thus creating stunning works of art that require skill and artistic ability.

The durability of metallic epoxy floors depends upon both quality of materials used and the installation process. Select a reputable flooring contractor with experience working with this material to maximize durability and inquire about companies offering installation warranty/return policies. A reliable installer should be more than willing to answer any of your queries about installation processes or returns policies.

Metallic epoxy coatings comprise epoxy resin, hardener mixed, and small amounts of metal powder added as a visual effect. Once this mixture has been set up, small amounts of metal powder are added gradually for various colors and visual effects to appear. Once complete, a clear top coat must be applied over it to protect it from chemicals, oil, and water damage.

Metallic epoxy floors that have been properly maintained can last up to 30 years with regular care and attention. Sweep and vacuum the surface regularly, mop it as necessary with a damp cloth, mopping when necessary, and mop again to avoid dirt build-up that could scratch and dull its finish. Furthermore, applying a clear coat of protective sealant every three to five years should help preserve its longevity.

Metallic epoxy floors can add elegance and style to any room in your home while increasing its value.


Metallic epoxy floors add an extra touch to any renovation, whether at home or for business. This industrial flooring has grown increasingly popular, helping create an eye-catching aesthetic and impress guests at your party or meeting. While metallic epoxy may cost more than standard floor paint options, metallic epoxy floors are invaluable in either setting.

Metallic epoxy flooring systems not only boast stunning visuals but offer other advantages too. Notably, durable and antimicrobial, slip-resistant systems also meet all performance criteria and meet chemical spill protection and puncture resistance; additionally, they don’t need waxing or polishing maintenance either! As a result, they make ideal choices for high-end businesses such as automotive dealerships, commercial offices, or boutiques.

Metallic epoxy floors vary in price depending on the size and condition of the existing surface; location; the amount of work to be done (for instance, if an existing floor requires extensive prep work, this may increase project cost); and any necessary preparation work. For example, if an existing base requires extensive repair work before painting begins.

Besides cost, time and energy must also be considered when installing metallic floors. While you could do it yourself, hiring professional installers will save time, energy and ensure the job is completed accurately.

Metallic epoxy floors are known for being both beautiful and easy to maintain, with reduced scratching and staining than concrete surfaces and heavy foot traffic able to withstand them. While metallic epoxy floors may suit some applications better than others, depending on foot traffic levels, they may need re-coating or resurfacing every few years for optimal performance.

For maximum durability, metallic floors must be coated with a high-performance urethane top coat. These products come in different colors and textures and provide a beautiful glossy sheen and superior wear resistance – making them an excellent choice for industrial settings.

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