Microsoft App Store- Know the important facts

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Presently, Microsoft App Store which was previously known as Windows store is the amalgamation of several apps which can be downloaded in both desktop and android mobiles. It started from Windows 8 to distribute the apps. Later it got associated with several other distribution platforms from where it can make a unified distribution point for several apps, games, digital videos and music too. Also, recently here it got included of E-books too. Unlike other platforms, in Microsoft App store, the apps must be included which have proper certification for compatibility and content.


What do you get in the newly designed Microsoft App Store?


In the newly modified Microsoft App Store is an effort to include the Windows 10 experience I all devices- like PC’s, tablets and mobiles. In the past, only a limited Windows user could access it but now the things have changed and have become a one-stop-shop for everyone. It is an advanced step towards a ‘Universal App’ store which has access to all types of Windows devices inclusion of Xbox gaming console.

It’s a great advantage for Windows 10 developers as a part of Microsoft’s strategy. With the help of this app, the developers of Windows can able to create different apps using one single programming code and then suddenly tweak the app to start with the PC’s, tablets as well as phones.


Microsoft App Store is unique in its way


Microsoft App Store cannot be compared with any other app stores as the former is unique in its way. It is unique because of the inclusion of both vision and code for developers as well as a marketplace for users that includes apps, games, movies, browser, extensions as well as hardware.


Big names associated with Microsoft

In Microsoft App store, several big names are now got associated with it. Several new music apps like Spotify is now associated in Microsoft that has further legitimized the platform and more people wants to be a part of it. There are other apps which got included in Microsoft basket-like Photoshop Elements, Affinity Photo, StaffPad to name a few.


Benefits for creators

Microsoft App Store can also benefit the creators in many ways and many creative apps have helped the creators to work better. The store has become the influx of several creator’s apps which has become the work of the creators much easier like Animation Desk, Affinity Photo, and much more.


PC games

The Microsoft Store also contains other apps like movies and games. This will also improve the position of the store much more and will show a brighter light to the game developers.

This will instigate more developers to be a part of Microsoft Store.



Bridging the Gap

Several projects in the store will allow the developers to port code from other platforms. The investors who invested in Microsoft now also making their resources work better through the new app store. Project Centennial, this is one of the bridges that allow the traditional programs of Windows to include successfully in the new store.


Which are the apps being in Microsoft App Store?

Windows App OneDrive Outlook Skype Microsoft Teams Microsoft Edge

How many apps does Microsoft store have?

It includes more than 669000 apps which includes the Windows NT apps, Windows phone and UWP apps.

Are all apps in the store are safe?

Most of the apps in the store are safe and this is the biggest USP of the app store.

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