Microsoft Authenticator App helps you to Enhance Your Best Safety

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Microsoft is the world’s topmost leading American technology. Have you ever heard about the Microsoft Authenticator App? If not, then first, let us explain what an authenticator is. An authenticator is a person who confirms the identity of the user. It is a security app that protects your app against password theft.


Microsoft Authenticator App, a two-factor authentication application, was set up in June 2016. It works on IOS and Android versions and contains two-step verification. Microsoft Authenticator App provides extra security if your password gets remove or your account gets hack by someone. Which eventually makes it difficult for hackers to steal the personal information of users? You can enjoy access to Microsoft Authenticator App on windows store for windows ten mobile.


Data collected through Microsoft authenticator App is of three types:

  • Date and time of adding your account
  • Diagnose log data, including personal information mobile number, email id, and IP address.
  • Non personally identifiable usage

If you delete your account, all three pieces of information will go away with it.


Three types of Microsoft accounts:


  • Educational institutes: Some schools and institutes use Microsoft Authenticator App. It depends on organizations if they use two verification methods or not.
  • Create a personal account: You can use Microsoft 2 step Authenticator App for personal detail and add the necessary information to secure your account.
  • Non-Microsoft account: You can choose this feature for a non-Microsoft account also. Select the security in the settings option. This app works on the website to support TOTP.


How to Sign- in Microsoft Authenticator App?


  • Log in with Microsoft account details in the Microsoft Authenticator App.
  • Select the type of account you want to operate – personal account or organization account.
  • The next step is to authenticate with the receiving code through text or email.
  • After this, you will link to your Microsoft Authenticator App. Next time, you will only need to enter the username and receive the code. And simply login without a password.


How to log in for non-Microsoft users?


  • Download the app Microsoft Authenticator. Select the other account option.
  • The website will display a message if you want to step authentication by text or email.
  • You will receive the six-digit code.
  • Enter the code manually, and you will be able to use this app.


Features of Microsoft Authenticator App


  • It gives multi-account support.
  • It provides support to non- Microsoft websites.
  • It is useful for quick sign-in.
  • It is faster than email or text codes.


Microsoft Authenticator App works differently for non-Microsoft users

As is it 2-factor authenticator app, it generates a 2-factor authentication six-digit code for the user. You can simply login in Microsoft account and receive those codes. When you use other apps like Gmail or Facebook, you have to log in with a username and password before adding the code.


But in Microsoft, you can see the code without login and user password to use the Microsoft Authenticator App. It supports time-based one-time passwords. For any website that uses TOTP, Microsoft also supports them. Therefore, this app continuously generates codes.



Are you looking for the best security app? Then Microsoft Authenticator is the right choice. In this app, you can use two-step authentication methods for more security of your details. It is a multipurpose app and also supports non-Microsoft users. According to your requirement, you can choose the type of account.


Can I use Microsoft Authenticator App on IOS?

Yes, it is compatible with IOS.

Can non-Microsoft users use the Microsoft Authenticator app?


Is data stored in the Microsoft Authenticator App permanently?

No, all the data will erase as account delete.

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