Microsoft authenticator – The best security app!

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Presently, Microsoft authenticator is one of the best security apps for two-factor authentication purposes. It can compete directly with Authy, Google authenticator, and LastPass authenticator, and others. You can easily use this app for your security purpose. In June 2016, it was launched. This app works very securely. You need to log into your account and then this account asks for the code. Using this app, you will be able to generate code.  If you are looking for a quick sign-in process, then you may try this platform. And it will be faster than text code or email code as well.

This system is much faster than any other text code. If you wish, you can use this app to sign in for your Microsoft account as well. This app will support multi-account and it supports non-Microsoft websites as well.

How does Microsoft Authenticator work?

There are several authenticator apps available in the market. And this Microsoft Authenticator works like another app. It generates after every 30 seconds number. After every 30 seconds, this app creates a code. This site will ask their user for always two-factor authentication code. You have to go to the Microsoft Authenticator app to receive such codes. This app works in a little different way to Microsoft accounts. If you want to log in to Microsoft account, you just need to put the code only and don’t need to use a password. But in other sites like Google and Facebook, you have to use your username and password and then you may add code.

How to use this Microsoft Authenticator?

If you want to set up this Microsoft Authenticator, then you have to follow some simple steps…

  • You need to log in to your Microsoft account using this authenticator app. This will be your first time. You have to select an option like “work or school account” and “Personal Account” to log into Microsoft account.
  • Once you log in successfully, you have to authenticate your login with the proper code. You can receive it through email, text, or any other method.
  • Then you have to put the code into the app it will link with Microsoft account and you can use it without a password.

If you are looking for a secure app for the code generation process, Microsoft authenticator is the best process.

Benefits of using Microsoft Authenticator!

This is a completely free app and you can download the Microsoft Authenticator app from any application like Google store or iPhone store. Every time whenever we use any online accounts we need to put username and password but sometimes we forget the password and in prime time we waste our time to get it again. To solve such a problem this app is the best. It provides complete security and safety as well.

It also helps to save your valuable time. During urgency, just put the username and click and then get code instantly. Using code instead of a password you can easily access your account. And this app is also secure. Before download, you can check their policy and security and terms and condition details.

Download anytime and start using Microsoft Authenticator for your accounts. If you will choose this authenticator, your phone will get a more secure layer than any other app.


Do I need to pay for Microsoft Authenticator?

No, you don’t need to invest any money for this purpose. It's completely free!

Can I get the Microsoft Authenticator app on my IOS device?

Yes, it is IOS and Android both supported!

How many accounts I can secure using Microsoft Authenticator?

You will be able to secure multiple accounts easily.

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