Microsoft bookings One of the Best booking application

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Microsoft bookings are a program and an element of Microsoft office. Microsoft bookings allow the consumer of small business and offer companies to book appointments with other companies. Microsoft booking is part of Microsoft 365. Microsoft bookings online application is available in the iTunes and Google play store.

Microsoft bookings are accessible to Microsoft customers who have an office 365 business premium subscription.

Microsoft bookings primary components:

Network app– Mobile application in which you can manage and view the booking. You can also see the details of the customer and give feedback accordingly.

Manage– an online portal in which you can manage and view appointments, setlists, and schedules, specify service, and record customer preferences.

Microsoft bookings – how to start?

In simple steps:

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 and select option bookings from the app launcher.
  2. Select the option to get it now on the Microsoft bookings page.
  3. Add business details and ready to start using Microsoft bookings.

Why choose Microsoft bookings?

Available 24/7– Customers can book an appointment according to their time.

Reduce no shows– You can send automated appointment reminders to the consumers. You can specify details with date, time, and directions to apply.

Customer-friendly– The consumer can explore available online time slots and book the position comfortable to them. Microsoft booking offers direct contact through the phone number, or you can ask queries manually.

Adjourn and revoke Microsoft booking– Customers can conveniently reschedule or cancel their bookings. You can control the period you want to apply for the cancellation of Microsoft bookings.

Mobile application – It helps you to access or review customer’s forms. You can change the time or add and view appointments and scheduling information when you are away from the office.

Appointment verifies – As soon as Microsoft booking is confirmed, a mail is appointing to the customer. The appointment notice contains details of the customer. A link adds if the customer wants to reschedule the timing.

User interface– It offers a simple outlook that includes subsections calendars, booking page, customer, staff, and services. Each section has a specific role.

There are two different ways to book an appointment:

Book an online appointment through the Microsoft booking mobile application.

Faculty members can enter appointments manually.

Microsoft bookings give you the ability to organize online meetings for interaction with customers but on Microsoft terms. Once the appointment confirms, Microsoft booking creates a unique link online for the person applying.


Features of Microsoft bookings

Add 365 calendars to Microsoft bookings– Calendar allows you to view or update customer appointments. You can view appointment letters throughout the day, week, or month.

Add buffer time– You can add preparation time if you need it before your appointment.

Customize booking page – New feature is optimized can personally customize your booking page according to yourself.

Customer page– These new customers can be added or imported through another account like Gmail.

Staff page– It is for the faculty member to add their Gmail account. So, whenever there is a need.


If you are looking for small online work, the Microsoft booking application is the best and unique. It provides you with the benefit of organizing the online meeting, interacts with the customer directly, and is customer friendly.


what is the purpose of Microsoft booking?

It is an online platform for organizing meetings.

is it paid or free?

For access, you have to take a subscription to Microsoft booking.

what is the purpose of the calendar section on the Microsoft booking?

It is for managing appointments of the customer.

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