Microsoft edge app – Try this highly exclusive and attractive feature!

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The launching of the Microsoft Edge app by Microsoft is expected to prove to be a boon in forthcoming days. The users will find this newly released app to be highly familiar. The exclusive design along with high privacy will enhance user experience to sky height.

Good and Bad Sides of Microsoft Edge App

The newly released web browser Microsoft Edge 4 is inclusive of a countable number of certain features along with better performance and cross-platform support. Some of the bright sides include the following:


  • Enhanced web performance
  • Familiar user interface
  • Easy access to extensions related to Chromium


At launch, there is no history related to synchronization. Some features like inking on webpages are also absent. It is hoped that in the forthcoming day, these changes will get implemented at the best.

Switching Process Made Easier than before

The Microsoft Edge app has helped in making browsing experience easier than before. After a successful installation, this new browser will automatically replace the old data. The first run wizard will move all your passwords, bookmarks, and history into the new Edge within a few seconds.


Also, the process of switching has been made as easy as possible. Switching of browsers is no doubt, a daunting task. Once done with the successful installation of the Microsoft Edge app, you will be able to run all your data appropriately within a minute.


While moving to the newly released Edge, users need to manually download all the extensions. As it supports all the extensions similar to Chrome, you can carry on with your process of browsing immaculately.

Easy to Install Websites as Native Apps

The ability to install websites as native apps is another remarkable advantage the Edge users will be experiencing. Microsoft has performed additional tasks to make web-related apps appear highly native to Windows. It is expected that the upcoming update will make web apps appear to Windows users as actual apps.


Exclusive Features Related to Tracking Prevention 


A highly significant feature in association with Microsoft Edge app is its tracking prevention features. High privacy being among the biggest deals, this app helps its users enjoy the same.


With an easy-to-use tracking prevention feature, it will block trackers from websites that have not been visited by you. Fortunately, all harmful trackers will get automatically blocked.


This feature will help in keeping your data highly private without breaking websites. The level one will allow the sites to track users and level three will permit you to enjoy high privacy unless explicit permission is provided by their sides.

Easy to Use

If you had faced issues while using web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and all; then relax. With Microsoft Edge app, you need not face any such issues. The slick and easy-to-use design will provide you with an enhanced browsing experience.


For news feed, you may easily choose the country to receive the latest headlines. Additional customization options include easy switching between light and dark themes. If desired, you can easily install desired fonts besides.


With enhanced usage of smartphones, the launching of Microsoft Edge app has proved to be a blessing in disguise. Being mobile-friendly, you will be able to carry on with the task of web browsing from your smartphone itself. As all the options will be visible at the bottom of the screen, making the right selection will remain no more a challenge.


In conclusion, the newly-launched Edge will provide the same speed on both desktop and mobile. You need not bear the hassle of painful slowness just like old web browsers like Vivaldi and Firefox.


Is Adobe Flash supported in Microsoft Edge?

Yes, Adobe Flash is supported in Microsoft Edge.

How to find out the current version of Microsoft Edge?

To find out the current version of Microsoft Edge, it is advisable to click on the ellipses icon located in the upper right corner. Afterwards, clicking on the Settings will let you know about the version.

What is Microsoft EdgeHTML all about?

Microsoft EdgeHTML is a web rendering engine that powers the current browser od Microsoft Edge along with Windows 10.

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