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Microsoft is ultimately the most popular software developer all over the world. Microsoft generally creates, develops, supports, and sells computer software applications. Microsoft Lists is one such software application developed by Microsoft. 

This article is all about reviewing Microsoft listsTo have an absolute and complete Microsoft Lists review, we must briefly introduce Microsoft Lists. 

Microsoft Lists is a task management app of Microsoft 365 app that helps you to stay organized and track all information in one place. It is a simple, flexible and innovative task management app. You can use this app to track issues and increase your productivity. 

This will help you to focus on those things that matter to you and your team. It can be said that Microsoft Lists is our intelligent and straightforward information tracking app of Microsoft 365. This app is used to track, create and share your work with your team. 

This can be used to create an issue tracking list and resolve those issues. This list is helpful for business submit and office conferences. 

Microsoft Lists is available all around the world and gives a unique way of collaboration with your colleagues. It is a modern way to build new business applications and excel files also. That’s all about this lists app. Now we will discuss in-depth the Microsoft lists review.

Microsoft lists review: The launch.

To have a complete in-depth Microsoft Lists review, we must discuss how this app was launched. Microsoft Lists is a new app and eventually a part of the Microsoft 365 app. It was established in August 2020. 

This app was introduced during the pandemic crisis, so it got so many positive responses because it just started helping remote workers. In only two weeks, the application got a cult of users who reviewed Microsoft lists as the best task management application. 

This Microsoft lists application is an advanced and updated version of SharePoint Lists, widely used before. There is no additional charge for Microsoft Office 365 users. It is seamless for your device and all the unique tools in one place. This is the best task management app for Microsoft Office 365 users.

Microsoft lists review: usage features.

Microsoft Lists Review can be done thoroughly with the functional features of this app. Microsoft list is a user-friendly app. Business organizations widely use this app to track issues and organize information. Since its launched date, Microsoft Lists app has helped businesses in many ways. 

Microsoft has created smart rules for creating lists in this application. There are customized and personalized views of Microsoft lists. A variety of ready-to-use templates is available for all its users. 

There are unique features of pinning lists as favorites to resolve its issues at any time. Microsoft lists collaborate with teams using Microsoft teams to create a connection between team members. 

Microsoft lists review: The downside.

According to the users of Microsoft lists review, there are some downsides of this task management application. From just after it’s launched, some of the users criticize this app for its confusing tools. 

The use of the tools in this application is not so correct and not in a unique way. The structure of the files is quite confusing in the Microsoft lists app. 

Another downside in Microsoft lists review is its complex sharing link. Most of the users reviewed that it is challenging to share edited documents with a team member. Right now, it does not support team and group calendars. 

According to some reviews, Microsoft lists a lack of notification tools and limited channels. Being one of the best task management apps, Microsoft lists should avoid these negative Microsoft Lists reviews. In the future, Microsoft should improve all of the downsides of the list app. 


Are Microsoft lists available for Android users?

Ans. No, Microsoft lists are not available for Android users yet. But Microsoft is planning to launch it for all users.

Can we share lists on Microsoft lists?

Yes, we can share any lists with our team members and colleagues on Microsoft lists using the Microsoft team.

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